Saturday, April 3, 2010


These days all I see people do is worry. Worry worry and more worry. All the time, every where just worry. Students worry about exams, results, future and if not anything else, there are always “other” tensions (:P). Grown-ups worry about their jobs, ghar ki tension and inflation in prices………!!!

Coming to me… I always worry about the most stupid things, meager stuff, the things least important. In the past too I have worried about many things…. Which at that time held a lot of importance. Which was a “do or die” situation for me …then. But now, after so many years when I look back at those times…. I just smile or sometimes even laugh out loud, thinking about my stupidity. Feeling bad about the precious time I wasted fretting over stupid thinks, which don’t even matter to me now. Which don’t even have the teeniest weeniest link to the kind of life I live……!!

I guess I am no exception. This happens with everybody sometime or the other, when you sit and ponder over the situation. What I don’t understand is that what we worry about at present, the thing that is causing jitters will be nothing in near future. We will laugh over it later. So, the point that now arises is ….. WHY NOT LAUGH AT THE WORRIES NOW….??!!

I know it’s not easy….! But this is such a good idea and method to get rid of your tensions and the diseases associated with this famously called “silent killer”. Just imagine the situation, when you are really tense and worried. Stand in front of a mirror; look carefully at your face. Laugh heartily at that face full of anxieties and tension. Anxieties which hold (at most of the times) no meaning at all. Laugh at the face, take a deep breath and come back. Come back to life and do what to love. Listen to some soothing music….!!

God our heavenly father is always omnipresent to help us and is constantly guiding us towards the best. You must have seen a blacksmith working to make perfect shapes out of rot iron. The iron is first heated until red hot, hammered to get the required shape and then plunged into cold water. This process is repeated many times to get the perfect shape. Same is the case with us. We too have to undergo pressures and constant difficulties to attain that perfect aura. STRUGGLE IS IMPORTANT FOR SUCCESS.

To make fire in the big log of wood, first the weaker/smaller kindling have to be ignited. Similarly for us to stand up straight and strong our weaknesses and insecurities must be burned. So that we emerge stonger.
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  1. oh yeah,,,,,,,,no fortkuts to success,,,,that's the mantra

    nice post,,,,,u wrote my mind

    1. Smiling face should be our face's default position. :)

  2. nice...
    and its always better to keep a smile on ze face..makes the world wonder why.
    Keep em guessing ..
    Good no?

  3. hey sneha..

    You picked the right spot here..mind has this innate ability to ponder over trivial things , so it needs to be trained to focus on positive and more fruitful things..
    well written, and easily relatable....
    keep blogging...:)
    take care

  4. i completely agree with u...but i can also assure u that i will continue 2 worry inspite of knowing that at a later date it might all seem trivial...aadat se majbur ;)

  5. Hmmm Sneha looks like ur turning into a guru , with all this advice eh? soon ull be charging people to have ur darshan ! ;)

  6. @ pan
    not a bad idea, i will seriously think about it :P

  7. @ blunt edges
    sad... but i know ur rite, thats why i wrote this, so that if we seriously give this a thought maybe we can benifit from it.

  8. @ prithwish
    thanks, for agreeing with me.

  9. @ sorcerer
    cool tip, thnx 4 commenting

  10. @ eku and vandy
    yupz no fortcuts...!

  11. मस्त लेखन...मजा आया पढ़ के :)

    मैंने ऐसा ही एक पोस्ट अपने ब्लॉग पे किया था, कुछ दिनों पहले..मैं भी मानता हूँ की मुश्किलों के समय में भी हमें चेहरे पे मुस्कराहट रखनी चाहिए..क्या फायदा अगर हम किसी चीज़ से परेशान हो या कुछ टेंशन हो तो उसे जग-जाहिर करने की...
    और हंस के किसी भी समस्या का हल करना अपने आप में एक महान बात है...

  12. @ abhi
    thnx a lot
    nd yea ur rite ;)

  13. my mantra is simple.. smile, thats the best thing..

  14. they say today is the tomorrow v were worried about yday..cheers:)

  15. nice post :)

    please read my post too, it will surely make you happy from ur soul. smiling face is external happiness, smiling heart can be stupid too, smiling mind could be dangerous some times but smiling soul always gives the best effect on all (mind, heart, body) :)

  16. nice post. loved the picture of the old man with no shows a smile costs less then electricity but gives more light.

  17. hi friend..paper rockets can really be dangerous many times i have had my fingers cut while plucking papers..u have to c it to believe it...anywy.thanks for staying wishes always buddy...:)

  18. It takes guts to laugh away your troubles , and those who dare are the real happy ones.