Thursday, November 25, 2010


What's with the recent fixation with the name-songs? First Munni and now its Sheela !

Hardly were the audience out of Munni's spell and the question of her badnaami

that Sheela came with her jawanni!

These songs sure have been making quite a wave. Believe me, i live near a banquet hall and in this shaadi season munni has got many takers (pun intended)! Munni song is played again and again, so much so that I now remember its lyrics by heart!

Seems like Shakespeare was indeed wrong in saying "what's in a name". As in accordance with the current scenario it's "all in a name". Cheap and vulgar, these songs maybe, but they are here to stay!Definitely here to stay! And you have to agree THE TUNES ARE CATCHY! BIG TIME! So here's so munni and sheela !

keep tuning and dancing :)


  1. Lalit(of d legendry Jatin lalit ) composed Munni Badnaam hui..

    and for last 15years, main Jatin Lalit ka jabardast fan hun...for me JL were the biggest and most succesful music directors of '90 decade..

    So u see, mujhe ye gaana pasand aana hi tha :)


  2. by d way, ur theme is cool :)

  3. first of all,,,,,nice new look

    & i totally agree with u

    wtf is this

  4. hey sepo,

    first and foremost, your blog wears a terrific look now..kaise kiya yaar?? please gimme some tips..mujhe sikhna hain..
    and for your post, Munni is ruling the roost , and so as sheela..its just the fixation with the names, music and characters portraying in the song, that people love to entrench in their hearts :)
    btw, munni song is my personal favourite tooo..:)

  5. Oh I forgot to mention - BEAUTIFUL TEMPLATE :) The collage is so damn awesome :) Great stuff really :)

    As for the post, well I guess the trend is here to stay! Industry people deliver what the junta wants to see and hear so I guess it depends largely on the preferences of the mass.

    So irrespective of whether they're good/bad/ugly they will sell!

  6. I still find munni better than sheela... seriously.... the whole day I was busy comparing the two and this is the conclusion that I have reached..

  7. @ prithwish

    :) :D
    i hope you got your answers :)

  8. @ raksha raman

    thanks dear,and yup the trend is surely here to stay!

  9. @ chanz

    agreed. sheela is no where close to munni's oomph !

  10. just wanted to share a cute sms that I got related to this :
    "Samandar milte hi barish ko bhul jate ho..
    Daulat milte hi khuda ko bhul jate he
    Bade ajeeb he duniya wale
    SHEILA milte hi MUNNI ko bhul jate hai!!!"

  11. @Pythoroshan

    very cute and funny !