Thursday, November 25, 2010


What's with the recent fixation with the name-songs? First Munni and now its Sheela !

Hardly were the audience out of Munni's spell and the question of her badnaami

that Sheela came with her jawanni!

These songs sure have been making quite a wave. Believe me, i live near a banquet hall and in this shaadi season munni has got many takers (pun intended)! Munni song is played again and again, so much so that I now remember its lyrics by heart!

Seems like Shakespeare was indeed wrong in saying "what's in a name". As in accordance with the current scenario it's "all in a name". Cheap and vulgar, these songs maybe, but they are here to stay!Definitely here to stay! And you have to agree THE TUNES ARE CATCHY! BIG TIME! So here's so munni and sheela !

keep tuning and dancing :)