Saturday, May 8, 2010


It’s been ages since I have posted a new post on my blog. And I guess this is the longest period of my absence ever since I have started blogging. It’s not like I have had enough of it or that I am sick of it. But the reason is that I have been just so busy with “n” different things. All these things that I have been busy with are so very special and each has some or the other special memory attached to it. I am surely never ever going to forget this particular phase of my life. The phase with beautiful memories......

The last 15-20 days have been so stressful. At one point I was left wondering, over the fact that I am actually capable of doing the heaps of work I did in those days. Well, the thing is that I am the laziest person I know. So when I do a lot of work that too in a very short span of time, I make myself really proud. (Talk of being self-obsessed....!!)

Also these are my final last few days in college, so we are constantly planning thinks to make these days special and fun. From planning picnics to girls’ day out to rainy day celebrations to mini party @ college..... We have done it all...!! My friend Vandy has also made a movie on our lovely days in college will definitely share it with you guys as soon as I get TIME..... Yea TIME.

TIME has been flying away from my hands (not literally......!!!). I am blogging after such a long time that I almost feel like a beginner. I haven’t been able to follow your blogs. But I have tried to read maximum of them today itself. Needless to say, I have missed you guys....!! When I did have some time at hand I couldn’t manage to post because my net limit had exceeded. Now I am seriously thinking of changing my net plan. Towards the end of almost every month I am left struggling for net. Phewww trust me... quite a headache.

Now towards the start of new month my di and jiju were visiting. Going back and forth between college to home to huge huge huge load of assignments to planning for party to handling rumours that result of 7th sem is on its way, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

But thankfully everything was handled well....!
ASSIGNMENTS were completed in time (with help from di).
PARTY was a huge success.
DI & JIJU time was rocking.
RESULT is still on the way.
Amidst all this too the awaragardi was on the roll. Trips to Barista, momo hut, dominoes......! By the way I now have a serious MOMO FETISH.

One of these days we had a dinner party at a friend’s place. So four of us (me, Eku, Rags and Bowlz) went there. On the way back it was quite late and dark. The roads were deserted, cold wind was blowing. The whole atmosphere called for some kind of mischief. Well the thing was totally unintended, but somehow it was just meant to take place. What happened was that while driving out from a patli galli, Rags was assisting Bowls. He happened to say a jaane de. Now that jaane de came out a bit too loud than what was required. I coaxed him to shout a bit more loudly. He did and that echoed in to the dark deserted road. It had me and Eku laughing. Now before we could come out from the shock of it Bowlz pushed his head out from the window and shout something funny (damn I forgot what it was). But trust me it was funny coz it had me in splits. After that there was no looking back, whole way till my house they shouted, hooted, .... Except for a small interval of time when we spotted a cop (drunk...!). Eku inspired by the hooliganism, literally sat on the window, waist up hanging out, enjoying the wind. I wanted to shout and hang both, but could do none of it coz I just couldn’t stop laughing.....!! they threatened me that they would shout outside my house so that my dad would think that his daughter in roaming around the city with drunkards.....! thankfully they spared me the horror.

It was one of the best nights of my life, because it was actually the first time I was with my friends late into the night.....!! I ll never forget that fun and uncontrollable laughter.

Also, one day while coming out from a party, we noticed that across the road a man was fiddling in the dustbin. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him take out something, he actually ate it. It’s not like I have never seen a sight like it. I have seen little kids/ rag pickers fiddling in the dustbins on the road. But there was something different about this particular scene. Maybe it was the man, his attitude.... he was so calm, it seemed as if he was doing something very normal, or maybe it was the fact that I had just come out from a great party, where I had sumptuous food in front of me. The fact that I wasted a great deal of it. Blissfully unaware that such a sight was waiting for me outside and maybe there are thousands like him all around our country. Looking for specks of food, while people like me waste it in plenty. Like they say “life teaches at every step”.

I too learned this lesson. Better late than never.


  1. “life teaches at every step”, better late than never..philosopher S, what's up buddy? hehe

  2. मदर्स डे के शुभ अवसर पर ...... टाइम मशीन से यात्रा करने के लिए.... इस लिंक पर जाएँ :

  3. Surely these days are never gonna come back...make d most outta dem..need I tell u? U're already doing that!:)

  4. really yaar
    no matter how busy we keep these days but we are surely gonna miss them badly

  5. FuN :) .. some kinda.. mischief ! I like like the photograph take frm the car !

  6. वाह स्नेहा जी वाह...इतनी सारी बातें, घटनाएँ, कहानियां, मस्तियाँ एक ही पोस्ट में....मजा आ गया जी पढ़ के...एक सांस में पढ़ लिया हमने तो.अंतिम के पैराग्राफ में आपने जो विवरण दिया है, मैं भी उस विषय पे सोच चुका हूँ एक दो बार..लेकीन हमारे सोचने से हालात बदलेगी नहीं..कुछ करने की भी जरूरत है, और हाँ सच कहा की जिंदगी हर कदम कुछ नया सिखाती है. ...और हाँ हमने तो बहुत Miss किया आपको.... :)

  7. @ R. ramesh
    heya dude...!!
    u know what?? even i feel i m turning in to some philosopher :)

  8. @ jaunty
    righto..! gurl

    @ vandy
    true ya ...!

  9. @ dhruv

    @ abhi
    thnx a lot dear...!
    aapke comment se lagta hai ki humari sooch kaafi milti hai :)