Monday, May 17, 2010

GROSS...... (With capital G)

Well, illness of any sort is always disgusting, unpleasant and irritating (to sum-up in minimal adjectives....!!!). I recently suffered from this serious bout of stomach infection which left me totally drained of every ounce of energy I possessed! I hardly felt human during that period of never ending, everlasting fit of vomits and well emm well “you know what”.......!!!

Actually there is nothing special or extra-ordinary about this disease. Everyone has suffered/experienced it at one point or the other. But there is this very strange thing which happened to me during my illness. Wait NO. Before my illness. Or was it the other way round??? Just read-on and decide for yourself......

I was reading this book called A TREASURE WORTH SEEKING by SANDRA BROWN. I was perfectly fine, enjoying myself. The main protagonist in the story is called ERIN. Now ERIN in the story overeats and the junk food made her sick. Upset stomach, fever, light-headedness....... after reading a page or two giving the detailed description of her illness, I didn’t know why there was this sudden pain in my own tummy...!! Slowly but completely, mind you COMPLETELY her symptoms of disease kinda brushed on to me. Same illness, the same symptoms, the same feelings, same retching, same cramps, same fever, same concern about “how bad am I looking” ......!!!

My mind knows it’s nothing but a coincidence. But still it was so bloody close. If at any time I would have to explain my illness to someone, I would probably have used the same words as in the book. I even felt at some point of time that somehow I asked for the illness. Well, one thing that kept me going through my illness was that ERIN was soon well and rocking...!! so I knew ki I ll be well soon too.....!!

Now the only thing that’s on my mind since the day I completed the book is that, ummm is that ki.. ....that girl.. .....ERIN... became PREGNANT towards the end of the story..........!!