Monday, May 24, 2010


Have you ever done something which you always thought you were unable to do. Talked and then been friends with someone, who absolutely hated or hated someone who you were friends with. Taken decisions at the spur of the moment and discovered them to be a success. Made careful plans, taking lot of time just to encounter disappointment. I know your answer to atleast one of these will be a YES.......!

One of the most hurtful feelings is when you realise that a friend has backstabbed you. Someone you trusted, shared your thoughts and secrets with. And the most amazing fact is that inspite of doing all this that friend has the nerve to face you and behave as if all is fine. They don’t even get sick of pretending. Ridiculous.

Also, there’s a category of people who have taken themselves to be some sort of self proclaimed saints. Who know everything and act as if you have given them the sole right to run your life as per there commands. They are full of s*** but don’t shy away from telling you, who to talk to, who is good and who’s not so good...!! Take a break folks and analyse yourselves. Trust me, you ll be ashamed to meet yourselves. First go and cleanse yourself and then go about directing people to do the same.

Finally I want to throw light on the most cheapest and filthy minded people. The ones who raise both their eyebrows whenever they spot with you with a guy (or a member of the opposite sex). The sole motive of their life then becomes to go in depths of the details of your relationship with that person. For such people the relation between a girl and a boy is of two kinds only. Either they are romantically involved or they are brother sister. Now when such filthy minded people come together they successfully spread news like fire in the forest. Set the rumour mills ranging. When these rumours reach out to you, either you can laugh them off Or else they will ruin whatever relation you shared with the person.

We are surrounded by different kinds of people. We require great amount of courage and will-power to gauge them off. Living your life your way, with your conditions and rules is one hell of a task. At every step a slycutter will be waiting to throw you off-arm. Pulling you away from your goals, from people you want to be, from places you want to go. Life is no cake-walk...!!
I would like to end by saying.....
SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST (The theory will never get old)


  1. Hmmm Sneha, thought provoking post... easy way out of all these situations: ignore other people's opinion about you :P

  2. sneha ji..the only way is to walk like elephants that ignore barking dogs..what say? and nice to see u voted for print media..heheh

  3. सही कहा आपने..
    इंजीनियरिंग में जब मैं था तो कुछ ऐसे लोग थे जिनकी ऐसी ही मानसिकता थी..आज भी उनसे मैं कोई संपर्क नहीं रखता और नाही रखना चाहता हूँ..
    एक बात कहना चाहूँगा, की ऐसे लोगों से भले मुझे तकलीफ नहीं हुई लेकिन मेरे एक बहुत ही परम मित्र को बहुत कुछ सहना पड़ा..और मुझे ऐसे लोगों से किस हद तक चिढ है ये बता नहीं सकता...

    पहले भी मैंने कहा था, आज भी कहूँगा आप गज़ब का लिखती हैं...

    कोई नोवल लिखना शुरू कीजिये...हम साथ हैं..पहला कॉपी हम ही खरीदेंगे :)

  4. @ pan
    trust me, thats what i have been doing all the while, but sometimes you just can't control an outburst...!

    @ blunt edges
    u bet :P

    @ R. ramesh

    @ dhruv

    @ abhi
    thnx a lot, really flattered yaar.

  5. hmm..indeed thought provoking !!
    this is the pertinent situation in our need to gauge every situation, people in order to survive every moment..
    Survival of the u said!!!
    P:S- best way is to ignore..havin faith in oneself will help in dealing with such situations well..

  6. omg u also experienced power cut...well lets all get used to this :)

  7. nice linkage with survival of fittest quote :)

  8. damn good yaar
    hw come i missed this post