Friday, May 28, 2010


Ha..! The pics do all the talking here. I need not say anything. But the one thing I want to clear is that, the pics here are not displayed to show off my artistic skills (which suck.... big time). I wanted to share with ya guys that HOW WELL I AM PREPARING FOR MY EXAMS. The moment I open my notebook I always spot something great about it. Like the other day I was practicing a diagram on my diary when I suddenly spotted some interesting stuff written on the starting pages of it. Like emergency first aid tips, great hotels in India (it had me planning a vacation...!), capitals of different states of India (I suck at it since my school days).

While studying my mind suddenly comes up with some really cool lines, which I immediately pen-down and then add-on to them. Totally forgetting about the thing I was studying. If nothing else, I still invent new hairstyles, new make-up tricks, and click random pics of hair....!!In my exam time i develop this mysterious relation with my hair. I comb it at regular intervals, spot and immediately get rid of split-ends, fell seriously possessive of my hair esp. in exam time. And when I really feel I should be studying I start from the start. Reading the PREFACE of the book. Then get totally exhausted by the loaded words by the time I finish reading it. I then decide to take a break. A break that never ends. Somehow the best movies and great stuff is aired on TV only when you have no time for it....!!!

Well, I guess ENGINEERING aise he hoti hai....!! (atleast for me.....!!)


  1. Hmmm looks like you're in the wrong profession, should have either tried being an artist or hairdresser, what say ? ;)

  2. वाह...क्या खूब तैयारी है परीक्षा की...
    बिलकुल, ऐसे ही तो इंजीनियरिंग की तयारी होती है...बहुत अच्छे..

    आप तो ड्राविंग भी कर लेती हैं, हम्म..मल्टी-टास्किंग कहते हैं इसे न कंप्यूटर के भाषा में...;)
    तो आप हो गयी मल्टी-टास्कर :)

    अपना नाम स्नेहा बड़ा खूबसूरती से लिखा है आपने ;)

    और ये क्या साथ में फैशन डिज़ाइनिंग..गज़ब के मल्टी-टास्कर हो आप तप :) मानना परेगा....

    खैर, जो भी हो, पढाई के बीच ऐसी ही मस्ती तो चाहिए...

    लगे रहिये...परीक्षा में अच्छा करेंगी...हम दुआ तो करेंगे ही :) बाकी आपकी मेहनत पे भरोसा है हमें :)

  3. Hahaha.. Loved it..

    You will surely top the exam :)

  4. अच्छा तरीका है
    आप रचनात्मक मस्तिष्क की स्वामिनी हैं

  5. @ pan

    well actually buddy, i think i am bad at both...!!

  6. @ abhi ji
    arre kahan acchi drawing, yeh toh aise he time pass hai...!

    and yea, do pray for me :P
    i need it

  7. @ prasad

    haha..! you bet i will

  8. ha ha ha ha..
    really nice of the very common things which every individual faces while giving exams..
    special mention for the draewings...very artistic..:)lovely..