Saturday, June 5, 2010

short post...!

OK...! I am here to write my shortest post. These days i m into micro blogging you see...! Moreover don't have the time for my long-longing, never-ending posts. been getting a lot of complains about the size of them. well, size matters...!

These days am totally into studying (sounds strange.....coming from me... i know!!!!!). Well the time is short and the syllabus is HUGE. The pressure to perform is immense. So most on the time i m on the phone. HEY. Don't get me wrong. Actually we study on the phone (me and my friends). Through conference, explaining each other whatever we have learned. sounds strange...? NO. its actually a great idea. Should try it sometime, if you are a student, that is.....!! Rest of the time i am sleeping, even though studying is said to be the least energy requiring activity.... its totally drains me...!! Never ever do i feel as lethargic and woozy as in the days of exams....! phewww

Now see, i am getting at it.... the habit of mine to just keep on writing and writing. I ll apply the brakes here, right here, before I change this short post into my trademark ones....!

OK then
wish me luck and do pray for me :)