Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Different Kinds of Readers

It’s been close to two years of blogging for me and it has been a wonderful fulfilling sort of an experience for me. I have come to know so many people from different backgrounds across borders. It is amazing to know that so many people across the world share your likings, love what you read and write so that you can read! Its a very unusual and a very special kind of a relationship which I hugely love and respect.

Blogging has also brought me face-to-face with different categories of readers. I mean it’s like there are three to four broad categories in which you can fill all your readers/commenter’s/followers. Just like each individual is different in nature, the reason for blogging for people can also be different. In fact there is a whole range of blogs out there.. name it and you got it:

Fashion Blogs - Check!
Food blogs - Check!
Poems - Check!
Romantic ones - Check!
Real estate - Check!
Art Blogs - Check!
Photo Blogs - Check!
MP3 and Video Blogs - Check!
Personal ones - Check!
Health Blogs   - Check! 
Educational Blogs   - Check! 
Music Blogs   - Check!  

The list as you see is very generic in nature. Each category will/can have sub categories as well. So in nutshell the whole scenario is wide spread and there is so much to read and write in this sphere. Over the years I have been noticing the comments on my blog/and others very closely. Suddenly today just like that out of the blue I started putting the different types of comments and their authors into various categories in my mind. The whole exercise was fun and even funny at some places, So I immediately opened up my word and decided to blog about this. Please read on to find the amusing categories:

The Genuine ones
These readers are mostly your oldest followers who eagerly wait for your post. They will make sure that they leave true and genuine comments behind. They are the reason you are still on blogging sphere. It is only because of these people that blogging is so fun. It like we have a whole new community out here. A different circle of friends and these people are an integral part of that circle. They will know a little bit of your personal life, likes and dislikes which makes them the most special readers.

The you-read-mine-so-I-have-to-read-yours ones
These readers will read and comment on your blog only because you do the same. You miss one post of theirs and they will do the same. The relationship with them is strictly business. Give and take. The information they know about you is strictly restricted to your online name and the name of your blog. There is no possibility for any kind of personal contact or touch with these readers

The I-am-reading-yours-so-you-better-read-mine ones
These readers are basically the reverse of the previous category. They will comment on your blog only because they want you to do the same. So they will watch you closely, if you respond well the relationship (read: business transaction) continues smoothly. However if they notice that while they are commenting and you are not reverting back, well you can pretty much expect them to stop commenting and reading your posts.

The-I-follow-you-you-follow-me ones
I can bet this that every blogger has received (or commented) a comment of this nature sometime or the other. This we all know is entirely for the purpose of increasing one's followers. I personally have nothing against such comments that’s because I have been there done that. Initial days of blogging are very critical. A correct way of starting will take you very far. Followers will increase your confidence and boost up your enthusiasm to a great extend. So if you look at it this way (the way I choose to see it) you may not find this type of comments irritating or unwanted!

They are the mysterious readers who leave behind no clue of their existence. You can track their locations via different widgets but there contact details are still unclosed. The silent stalkers you have to agree are the most special types of readers, right? 

This post is a result of my hard-work and great observing skills. I am sure many, most or maybe all of you will agree and smile at this post of mine :)
Do share your own experiences and categories if any! I will be eagerly waiting hear to hear from y'all!