Sunday, November 4, 2012

Of the Hiatus and Other Things

Well, first things first. It feels amazingly awesome to write again. I know that I have been missing from the blogging front since a long time now. I am also aware that my comments on your respective blog posts are also missing. But the best thing that I happen to know by far is that fact that you guys missed me. The sweet messages on mails, Facebook and in comments never failed to bring a big smile on my face.Saying I was flattered would be an understatement. Now coming back to my long absence, it was a little deliberate and a little circumstantial.

Every break that I take in blogging only strengthens my love for it. Trust me all the time I was away my mind would more often than not wander to thoughts of what all I would blog about once I get back. There are so many thinks to share and so many topics to talk about. There sure is going to be a lot to write for me and a lot to read for you. Even I have a lot of reading to do catching up on all your blogs.

It is really amazing on how every teeny-weeny thing changes into something substantial when you want to try and look at it from a different perspective. There will be volumes to write about a scene from your window when it's raining outside, the pleasant calm feeling of lazying around on a Sunday with a great cup of coffee. Simple things in life are usually the best ones.

So, ending this post right here and promising to come up with many more it's me signing off for now. Take Care all of you :)