Thursday, January 1, 2015

And We Are 5!

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2014 was like a blur. Really. One moment we were celebrating its entrance and just like that we are celebrating the closure. It just seems like yesterday I was composing a 4 year post and now here we are – Rejoicing 5th birthday of Rendezvous. Last year I had big plans setup for the blogging arena and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did succeed in accomplishing most of them. Guest blogging – check! New template – Check! Freelance writing – check! And most importantly Google AdSense – Check!

Though I still have to figure out how the AdSense thing works but I just can’t explain how happy I feel looking at those advertisements popping on the right hand side. Moving on, I also got an amazing opportunity to showcase some of my work at Seeups – a one stop point for all information you need for startups, technology and business. We also feature new startups and ventures on our portal. Do visit, like us and contact in case you would like to get featured. Though it’s been roughly just around a month, the amount of learning and the experience of working with an awesome team is unmatched! Conducting interviews, taking to clients gives such a journalist-kind-of-vibe. Plus spotting my photo in the team description gives me butterflies in stomach and a big smile. Every single time!

Keeping aside the giddiness, wish you all a very Happy New Year. Stay healthy, happy and blessed.



  1. Hearty Congratulations Sneha!!! :) Happy 5th Birthday to Rendezvous and wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!!! :) May 2015 bring you more happiness, success and prosperity!!! :)

    Cherish the best moments of 2014 and carry on the positive energy into 2015!! :)

    Best Wishes,
    Sai :)

  2. Congrats SEPO. Rendez Vous is one of the most beautiful post giving feel good and it's already a brand. Loads of love and happy New Year.
    Five years in blogging means a veteran in this world:)