Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Comes First.!

I have always been a reclusive sort of a person. Not that I hate company or that I am uncomfortable with the crowd. No. It’s just that I crave loneliness, love spending time all by myself. The silence, the quiet, the dark helps me know myself better. And of course being a student (erstwhile..!) I needed some solace to study (which was a very secondary thing back then..!). Most of the time or should I say all the time, I would be on the telephone discussing the latest and the juiciest gossips, the imperative question “what-to-wear” and of course studies (but strictly during exams..!). lastly, to write all my mind blowing posts (*big grin*) and to read the collection of my eBooks and other books I needed “me” time.....

So, the situation was that I was all the time stuck up in my room, without any talks, discussions with my parents. In fact my dad would jokingly say sometimes that I am just a tenant at his place who is confined to the first floor of the house and comes down only for eating purposes. Ha-ha. Well, it’s true I just came down to eat and all, rest all the time was spent strictly confined in the four walls of my paradise.

But things changed after my exams when there was some construction in my home. I had to vacate my room and spend my time downstairs with everyone. Huh. I had no excuse, what-so-ever to flee. As I was free now from all the “weighty” excuses. It seemed like a herculean task to me...! but after a month or so of facing the prodigy, I am very happy, satisfied and loving it. It’s been fun to know my parents......! Hahaha. Well jokes apart, but seriously I love listening to all the stuff they discuss and love when I get to give my point and suggestions into it. Love watching the television together and the inevitable fights over the control of the remote. Yea, you guess it right I am totally a family girl now and love spending time with my mum dad.

Well yea I have to take care of the time I spend on the phone or else I ll be in some serious trouble with my parents........! So that’s the reason I have missing a lot of calls from my friends and they feel I am ignoring them...! omg. Someone rightly said “life is complicated”. I don’t know about others, but I sure have been missing a hell lot of fun, being all reclusive and all. Family comes first. When you have to leave them or move out, it’s only then you realise their importance in your life. I am lucky I figured it out early....!

Lets see if I continue being a good girl when my room is all done...!


  1. lovely post
    i can relate myself to this post

  2. what a sweet post:) proud of u friend:)

  3. A meaningful post.
    And I like that illustration of the family. Probably from the fifties.

  4. hahah hey buddy dont blame oldies...u and me will also reach there.heheh

  5. ya sneha ji..it's a bad experience for my daughter...like u say thank god she is safe after the robbery..thats good enf..

  6. thanks sneha...hey when is the next post coming in this good blog ya?