Monday, March 1, 2010


In life this one thing I am sure everyone one has heard some time or the other. I generally get irritated and angry at such sexist comments but this one comment does get a nod from me. Why you ask..? Well because of experience.... I have experienced dilemma at numerous points in my life. And noticed the same in life of my girlfriends. Some of such instances are so hilarious that I was compelled to write about one of them.

Recently I went to this famous food point in Jammu called pahalwan-di-hatti with my friend. We were in mood for some pau-bhaji. I went to the counter to get the coupon for the same. I had a 500 rupee note with me. So the uncle behind the counter asked me “you want anything else”? I replied confidently “no”. As soon as I left the counter I got this idea of packing something to take home. So I made my way back to the crowed counter to get the coupon for kaladi ( a milk product, desi cheese). I got the coupon for it and went to the counter for kaladi. While waiting for my turn to get the kaladi packed, I thought that this is so fatty and unhealthy. I thought it would be better to take some puri-cholle. So without wasting one more minute a rushed back to the counter and told the irritated uncle in the sweetest of all voices “ uncle, yeh order change ho sakta hai...”? uncle just gave a stiff nod. Nevermind I thought... atleast he agreed. So I told him quickly “uncle 3 plate puri-cholle”. He handed over me the coupon. But .... I though 2 plates will be more than sufficient. “uncle 2 plates kar do please”. Thank god I added please. Because the look uncle gave me after that said a lot of things. “are you out of your mind girl/ you are testing my patience/ I ll throw you out/ I ll see to it you are never allowed inside. I sweetly took the coupon this time swearing that I will not change my mind again. And thought I will not show him my face again for at least a week or so because I am sure he will remember my face for a long time in near future.


  1. rofl

    but yeah u really piss off others at times

  2. hey..hope you doing good..
    your post reminded me of something which i do pretty often..and of course, i feel the same as you...
    keep penning words :) wish u a colourful holi..take care..:)

  3. @ prithwish
    a very happy holi to u as well

  4. wonder why am i not surprised! girls! ***shakes head***

    "pahalwan-di-hatti" awesome name that! :D

  5. isnt cholle puri , equally oily as kaladi???
    next time cover ur face, :P
    or wen u see him at the counter, keep grining untill u r off :P

  6. Hahaha... absolutely true... Girls are unpredictable.. And so m i..

  7. @ blunt edges
    seems like u kno a lot abt girls :D
    @ surbhit
    no yaar kaladi is much more fatty :)
    @ chanz
    but we r proud to be girls aren't we ?

  8. guess what...girls can easily call their girl friends as 'girlfriends' but...'boyfriends' :p

  9. ya right.. girls are unpredictable... :)
    even i hv noticed this so often..

    but i guess this unpredictability is it girls or boys.. :)

    but that story of food joint was funny ;)

  10. :) its true ........der aaye durust aaye ;)

  11. :P just one question .. would you have dared for another change in the order which would have you change it back to kaladi ?

    pahalwan-di-hatti - sounds like a pahalwan uncle behind the counter to me ..