Friday, September 11, 2015

Some Keen Observational Theories

1. The closer you are to a person the harder it is to tell them the truth – an honest opinion you have about them. On the other hand the closer a person is to you, higher is the chance of you venting out all your accumulated anger on them.

2. Some people get up in the morning, open their cupboards and wear the first thing(s) they spot. Irrespective of whether they are event appropriate or matching with each other. Now we are not expecting you to be dressed up to nine, looking like diva’s or studs. But green colored pants with purple Tee, red colored polka dotted pants to office and a tight fitted top struggling to stay on a plump frame is not a sight for the sore eyes.

3. While we are on the subject of clothes another important point. Leggings are not pants. Yes, even if you are a proud owner of a 26inch waist. They were made for kurta’s and look horrible with tops and shirts.

4. There are some people who go grocery shopping and forget one very important article every month. We are talking about the DEO here. Small word big benefits. Coz, sitting in cramped spaces with air conditioner blowing the same stale air, trying to breathe through your elbow or hair in public transport ain’t no fun.

5. When you finally get that motivation to join gym and one week down the line you start feeling somewhat fabulous about yourself – people will start commenting on how fat you look. Well, that drives you right towards those creamy macaroons and Dutch truffles.

6. An observation based on the above point. People criticize you when you are thin, they will criticize you when you are fat, and they will probably find something wrong with you when you are actually pretty alright. Listen to the people who matter, ignore the rest and do what YOU like. Just do your thang.

7. After a particular age you just loose interest in making new friends. You become content with the close set of fools you have managed to keep over the years. Friendships often sprout during those carefree phrases of live. Once responsibility kicks in, you’d rather make acquaintances rather than friends. That said, some rare exceptions are always there.

8. You start developing a “taste” for things. Now this can be anything ranging from clothes to furniture to alcohol. While in your teens and early twenties you are ready to experiment, as you mature you’d probably invest and explore something that you are familiar with!

9. However hard you try, innumerable promises you make – People still drift apart. In spite of all the wtsapp, skype and vibers long distance things rarely workout. And for those it does work, well congratulations!

10. Even though you may not realize it and in fact hate using SMS and texting lingo it still reflects in your writing. I just had a hard time understanding why MS word refuses to acknowledge “yourself’ which in my writing flow I had spelled as “urself”. OMG. I gave myself the biggest palm-slap after realizing my mistake.

11. The more you stay alone, the more impulsive and short tempered you get. Adjusting, patience and compromise become pariahical qualities.

12. A heart felt compliment makes everyone happy, no matter how old. So go on and don’t hesitate to make someone happy.

13. When women go on criticizing and complaining about themselves, all they are looking forward for to is some reassurance. "You look great" or "You are awesome" are some acceptable answers. Go not agree with her on this one. Its as simple as that. And men say women are hard to understand.

14. There should be at-least one that thing in life for everyone doing which makes you happy.

15. Lastly, everyone should watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S atleast once. If you aren't, you are definetly missing something really special in life.



  1. Can't agree more with your theories Sneha. They were born out of keen observation and wisdom gained over the years :)

    Just like to share my opinion on the first point. What you said is true, but if the person himself/herself requests you to give a very honest opinion on them, then the closer you are to them, the more transparent and honest your opinion would be. Cause you'd want them to know what exactly goes through your mind when you think of them.

    You'd start off with gentle words making sure they won't get hurt with the things you are about to say and then you express what exactly you feel about them. You know why you do that? Cause you love/care for them so much that you want them to understand what the world/people around them actually think of them.

    The positives you say will cheer them up, nourish their self-esteem, will make them feel more confident about themselves and the negatives will help them to improve or will give them a chance to get better or make changes to their lifestyle.

    Point no. 13 made me laugh. Well, I've been giving some fantastic answers over the years to all the women in my life - both family and friends - just to cheer them up when they need some reassurance :) Most of my answers were true and honest compliments!!


  2. I so agree with first 3 points, if not the most. Some people need a reality check on what they wear and yeah, yesterday was thinking bout watching FRIENDS. Great observation, SEPO.

  3. I so agree with first 3 points, if not the most. Some people need a reality check on what they wear and yeah, yesterday was thinking bout watching FRIENDS. Great observation, SEPO.

  4. ya...good points dear..nice to be here..sure all well with wishes..

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