Saturday, September 11, 2010


One of the most irritating and sickeningly skunking feelings in the world is the one of despair of NOT doing something. I mean like something that you should have done but somehow didn't and now can't. I really hate the constant badgering going inside your mind of "oh damn, why didn't I do it". The hellish feeling, when you realize that nothing can be done about it now. AAARRGGGGHH....! MIND-NUMBING and BLASTING, I tell you.

And then all you can do is just try and soothe yourself with goddarn cliches like "jo ho gya so ho gya" or "think about what you can do not about what you didn't" and my favorite "WTF".

Well, I would have loved to write oodles about this but sadly I can't as I am short on time. So I guess that's enough for now to vent out some of the accumulated emm lets say "stuff" inside my mind..!

As for the rest I ll let the picture do all the talking.