Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Rendezvous!

I have always been someone who gets bored very easily. Especially things started at the spur of the moment, like this blog. The time I started it, I would never have imagined that I will continue to update it for 6 long years. A lot has happened since, but thankfully the love for writing remains and hopefully shall continue to remain so in the years to come.

Before starting the blog, I never knew I could write. One would imagine that I might also have participated in some school or college level competitions. But no, I have never participated in anything remotely related to writing. So the fact that even after being such an amateur I still write is pretty surprising. Its only before of my readers love and appreciation. Had it not been that I would have stopped long back.

So on this 6th annivarsay for sorts, please accept a heartfelt thankyou! To everyone reading this post. You are the inspiration behind each of my write-ups.
Lots of Love

Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year greetings from Rendezvous.!



  1. Wishing a very Happy 6th Birthday to Rendezvous!!! Congratulations Sneha!!!

    It has been a great pleasure reading this blog over the years and it has always lived up to the expectations of your readers who enjoy interesting pieces of writing :)

    Wish you many more successful years of blogging. Continue to discover yourself through insights into day-to-day life.

    All the Best,
    Sai :)

  2. Congo!! You write awesomely well and love ur blog at first sight:) keep rocking it.

  3. Hi friend..happy new year..have a great time...and thanks...:):)

  4. I don't know who you are but i would like to wish you 6th blog birthday. You sound like an amazing person. Keep writing and I hope in the coming days you grow as a writer. Good Job! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations sneha to you! Keep writing! :)

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