Friday, December 10, 2010


The UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.Located all around the world- Europe, America and also Singapore.It showcases replica's of famous places all around the world together with stuff and people from there(don't be surprised to see Marilyn Monroe walking on the streets of Hollywood) with a number of shows, 3-D movies, live performances. It had a live telecast of lightening and thunder scene (with special effects) hosted by none other than Steven Spielberg.A must visit.! Had a fab day here.

B Boying on the hollywood streets.


Lil dude.


WaterWorld.An amazing water show with special effects and lots of water flowing all around.

Cute kid.



Old time open head bus.Now used for tourist site seeing.Very costly but.Many dollers for few hours!

A fountain. Krrish was shot here!

Indian snake charmer!

China town.The hanging banners were for some upcoming chinese festival.Psssst in the chinese market you can find crocodile's head and also have its soup. Ofcourse only if you want to! :)

The Singapore gem showroom.All these paintings are made from precious/semi-precious stones. (that's my dad by the way)

I was bowled over when I came to know that this is a fire sation! GULP!

These creepy-ies were spotted in a mall. I almost dropped my camera when to my horror I realized they were still not dead and shaking!