Friday, December 17, 2010


Same day last year I started this blog of mine with the name of RENDEZVOUS. Little did I know back then that it would become an integral part of my identity. The blog now has a place assigned in my resume, which explains its importance in my life.

I had starting writing a story at around the same time last year. I wanted to gauge reactions/reviews from my friends. Since the story was exceeding the word limit of Orkut (the big thing back then) I decided to start a blog. So I made a blog in Bigadda as Amitabh Bachan’s blog was also there. Then a friend of mine told me that a sane person intending to share stuff through blogging usually makes it in blogger or wordpress. So that’s how I arrived here, and the rest as they say is history!

Soon, after I posted that story and started to get comments, I was pretty much hooked. I remember that soon after, it was exam time and I used to keep checking my blog for new comments or followers(who are now more than just followers!). All of you who follow my blog have been a major inspiration and driving force for me to write! If it would not have been for you guys I would surely have given up writing soon after that story. By the way I never completed that story, it’s still where it was last year! But I learned a lot about blogging. Templates, widgets, indiranks and whatnot! I can do it all now.

One year and 62 posts later I can say that I am quite loving the whole idea of blogging. Made great friends here. Got to know people of different nationalities and religion. Would love to keep writing. A gratitude filled thank you to all of you wonderful people reading this. Thankyou for making this day happen!

p.s 1.I just realized that my Bigadda blog still exists!!
p.s 2.I remembered some names of my very initial followers. Most of them though have stopped blogging altogether.If by any chance they are reading this I would like them to know that I miss them and their posts a lot!! Pan,Mayank,Shashank .... guys are you listening?!


  1. अंग्रेजी में इतना अच्छा लिखने के लिये बहुत बधाई। आपकी दृष्टि व कल्पनाशीलता यदि हिन्दी में भी व्यक्त हो...प्रतीक्षा रहेगी।

  2. awwww
    happy birthday rendezvous

    P.S. u r an awesome writer
    i'm a fan :P

  3. Heyyy.. CongoOOo..

    iT'S always a pleasure to read your post full of pics and interesting stuff,,

    nice to see your enthu ...and wud like to read more posts by you ..Go GOING :)

  4. @ Praveen

    I an a little intimidated by the idea of writing in hindi.I was never good at writing hindi. So many mistakes of matra's and spellings!

    but aapne kaha hai to I will definitely try. I promise you will see a hindi post here on rendezvous soon

  5. @ Vandy

    Thanx a tonn sweetheart...! :)

  6. @ Prasad
    thanks a lot, your appreciation means a lot to me :)

  7. (ये पोस्ट कैसे रह छूट गयी मेरे से?) खैर,

    स्नेहा जी..प्रवीण जी की ही बात एक बार मैंने कही थी...:)
    और हाँ, मैं आपके ब्लॉग को लगभग शुरू से ही पढते आ रहा हूँ...और मैंने पोस्ट दर पोस्ट आपने गज़ब की देखी है...कसम से...आपका लिखा और अच्छा होता जा रहा है...

    आप मुझे बोलती थी किताब निकलवाने..

    कहीं आप आगे चल के चेतन भगत जैसा फाइव पॉइंट समवन नहीं लिख दें...

    खैर, मुझे उम्मीद तो है ही की आपकी कोई किताब कभी आएगी जरुर...ये भी जानता हूँ की शायद आप भी किताब के बारे में कभी सोचती जरुर होंगी :)

  8. इसमें इतना सोचना क्या? मात्राएँ एवं स्पेलिंग लिखते-लिखते ठीक हो जाती है, एक बार कोशिश तो करें..

    अरे, मैं बधाई देना ही भूल गया..
    बहुत-बहुत बधाई.. :)

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  10. *गजब की refinement देखी है...
    (वर्ड छूट गया था)

    वैसे प्रशांत की बात सही है

  11. @ abhi

    arre thankyou ji. aur haan sahi pakda aapne, kitaab ke baare main socchte toh hu kabhi kabhi!

    bahut accha laga aapka comment padh ke!

  12. @ PD, Praveen ji and Abhi,

    aap logo ki help chaheye hoge par main ab likhugi zaroor!

  13. your blog is really AWESOME!
    good job!!!!!!!

  14. @swati
    thanks dear. means a lot


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