Monday, December 27, 2010

Are You The New Age Bitch?

Over the years the definition of bitch has changed drastically. It is no longer synonym with someone who is mean and wicked. Cruel and ruthless. Cunning and cold-blooded.

Bitch now is the new-breed of women, who is independent and successful. Living life on the own terms. Not willing to give-up her independence. She respects herself and follows no rules. She loves her dear ones but refuses to remain a mere shadow of them.

I read this article somewhere which talked about a school for bitches in Moscow! I kid. Not. 

Yeah a school is it. The subject you ask? Its Stervologiya or Bitchology (sterva means bitch in Russian). Says Mr. Vladimir Rakovsky (the teacher) ,“A bitch isn’t mean or domineering, in-fact, she is smart, successful, caring, and passionate women who gently manipulates men to get what she wants.”

Well, I found this article quite interesting and insightful. What made the topic of bitches more interesting to me was the fact that I stumbled upon this book called “WHY MEN MARRY BITCHES” by Sherry Argon. This book apparently talks about bitches in somewhat same sense. Should be interesting!

The new breed of bitches is sure making waves!


  1. i must say this is one awesome post on ur blog.... and very interesting :P

  2. LOL. I'm independent almost all of what is defined above, BUT I refuse to be called a bitch. Why does anyone have to manipulate others to get what she/he wants? Being a strong supporter of good communication, I could never support such manipulation.

    And why do we have to re-define "bitch" to fit those definitions/ideals of a woman? Why can't we just re-define the word "woman" to mean the same thing instead? :)

    Interesting stuff, indeed!

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  4. @ Surbhit

    thanks! it sure is interesting !!

  5. @ Qrratugai

    i agree, don't understand the need to fit everything into stereotypes!
    but there is something about bitches.....!

  6. @ Praveen ji,

    true!!! even i could digest the fact of a bitch school!

  7. omg...ab bitches ke liye bhi school...
    anyways my 2 frnd shikha n divya always call each other "bitch"...
    seems un dono ko school jaane ki jarurat pesh aayegi...
    agar pata chale fees to let me know :D

  8. Hey Sneha
    I love d blog.It's supa cool and awesome. I love the editing uv done with your different pictures. superb.
    I love women who are bitches. great fun to be wid them as it is I love meaningful conversation and makes gr8 company. best thgy they are ambitious n knows their mind.Time for us males to thk of women as our equals.
    Accept my love
    Im falling in love with the blog.
    3 Cheers

  9. @ abhi

    haha! zarur fees to pta chal jayegi but un dono ko Moscow jana pdega!!! ;)

  10. @ vishal
    thanks a lot vishal :)

    good to hear that some men actually think of women as their equals !

  11. well i also heard d same but wasnt knowing d d way really its hard to digest

  12. @ shreya
    i know!! right? strange and weird!!!!

  13. ya me 2 feel hard to digest..gr8 post sneha ji..hey u r a real sweet friend yar...keep the cheers

  14. hahhahah buddy..u yrself r a little girl and u r worried about today's kiddos..hehe i was really laughing yar...

  15. Glad to mind coming to your blog ... your writing is wonderful ... Happy New Year 2011 good wishes to accept ..Thank you

  16. bitchology!! lol
    nice post! :)