Tuesday, September 7, 2010



By now dear friends you must have gathered by my posts the fact that I have a serious shoe fetish. But contrary to the title of this post the truth is that this particular post has nothing to do remotely with me or my precious pair of shoes. It’s actually about the importance of shoes. Not for people like me, to whom it merely is a maddening madness to buy. Sometimes just for the sake of it. Irrespective of the fact whether or not you would be wearing them sometime in near future. Shoes to go with just one outfit. Sheer wastage. But we don’t seem to mind. Atleast I don’t. Well maximum times. Sometimes I do, but that doesn’t stop me from repeating the same things all over again.

My point in describing this whole procedure of money spending is that there are people who are desperate for a pair of shoes. Sharing a same pair of old, torn shoes between siblings. Ready to do just about anything for a pair of shoes. That innocent some mere 8 years of age mind working vigorously night and day to somehow manage a pair of shoes. I don’t know whether or not you have seen this movie called bum bum bhole starring child actors. The way the movie captures the innocence of a child is marvellous and worth commending. The race sequence in which the boy thinks of coming third because the third price is a brand new pair of adidas shoes...! All this trouble for a pair of shoes.

I too take up many troubles for a pair of shoes but the sole reason behind their trouble and mine is as different as cheese and chalk. It’s not just about the movie but the fact that what is shown in it actually strikes a chord. Because it’s true. Such children are all around us.

And we think that a child has it all so easy. It have often heard (sometimes I have myself used the words) “oh, what fun to be a child once again, to be all carefree, no worries........”. But the truth is different (I think..!) a child is vulnerable in so many ways. His/her worries may be foolish, mindless even, but to him they can mean the end of the world. After all he is so helpless and dependent and a mere child. If we adults have a task/trouble ahead of us we know what steps to use to tackle it. but that’s not the case with the young one. To add to the woes is the tremendous peer pressure that every child faces. I have passed that stage and I know it’s terrible to be in it. Our self esteem and confidence are all at stake. I feel the pressure just keeps on increasing year by near. Poor children. Adding to their woes are the new class of upper middles class families with their children spoilt rotten with all the gadgets, best clothes, great shoes (!!!) that their money can buy. Partially this is to bury the guilt of both working parents. The children whose parents cannot afford all these luxuries are many a times the butt of many a jokes. Little rich boys and girls can get a tad bit nasty....!

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Well it’s very and very important to have a good sound upbringing and to be strongly grounded to your roots. So all those who have children at home, please be good and try to understand them between the silence and tantrums.


  1. omg sepo u r a little girl and u have a list of advice for kiddos..:)

  2. देखी नहीं है फिल्म..अब देखेंगे जरुर..
    आपके लिखने में गज़ब की refinement आने लगी है... :)

  3. can I just get away by saying that I like this post a lot. I mean I am not just saying it. I really mean it.. My mom went to a blind school today. When she came back and told us about the condition of the children living there, I just couldnt take it anymore.. My mom is depressed herself.. and i feel bad.. :(

  4. @ R.Ramesh

    isssshhh....! m blushing....!

    @ vandy

    it sure is :)

  5. @ abhi

    thanks a lot buddy for all your encouragement...! means a lot to me ..!

  6. @ chanz

    hunny i sure can understand what you feel. i was somewhat in the same condition while writing the post.
    tc :)