Thursday, August 12, 2010

SHOE FETISH........!

Some go ga-ga over bags while others have a soft corner for dresses. Its shoes, shoes and more shoes for me. I do buy new shoes quite often but i never ever shy away from experimenting with my old discarded ones. I strongly believe in recycling and renovating. Also its a great way to pass your time (if you have). well these days i have oodles of it....!

I had successfully done such an experiment some time back, with a pair of old ballerinas. originally silver in colour, i changed them into hot pink ones......!

The most recent experiment was made today.....! And i quite love the results, so just couldn't wait to share it...!

Cute aren't they....! I have used brown ribbons for the tie-ups. Glitterly ribbons for the making the flower (rose). Believe it or not, most of the time was spent in making the damn flower (rose). Not so sattisfied with the result, but nevermind.!

I m still discovering various ways to tie the tie-ups......! Can't wait to wear and flaunt it.

Do let me know, are they worth the effort.....??