Saturday, March 7, 2015

Of Meddlers and Nose Pokers

I really don’t understand what makes some people so interested in others’ affairs and activities. They leave no stone unturned to dig dirt, scheme and finally blabber what they know to who so ever will listen. Being a private person I like to keep my life a private affair and the presence of such meddlers irritates the hell out of me. Sometimes I just think on what drives these people into such extreme levels of interference. Is it boredom? Insecurity? Dearth of things-to-do? Guilty pleasure? Or maybe there lives are so boring that they find others’ more interesting.

The thing is some of these people hardly know where to draw the line. Ok, so I understand your desperate need to know stuff but must you just go on and on? Asking uncomfortable questions or at times giving unsolicited advice. I once lived with a girl who had a nose bigger than Cyrano de Bergerac (not literally). She just wanted to know everything – the first day she came, I was just done having talked with my friend and the first thing she says to me is, “your boyfriend?” I was like Oh-My-God, who the hell are you, my mom? And it did not stop there, she wanted to know the DOBs of all my family members and explain to me the importance of getting married at 25. A little cough or cold would result in her explaining me the Ayurvedic and antiseptic properties of turmeric. The girl did not even let me snot in peace.

Take the example of the much talked about AIB roast. Just about everyone has an opinion about it. Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan thinks it’s highly inappropriate even though he has not seen it. His movie Delly Belly full of expletives and double meaning songs is apparently very appropriate. Talk about double standards and hipocracy!
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Then there are people who compliment you. They seem genuine at first, but slowly their ulterior motive comes into picture. After the customary compliment they will dig deep around the outfit with questions like “where did you get it from?”, “how much did it cost?” Now call me a prude but I just hate this kind of intrusion. You like my dress, I get it. But where I got it from is none of your business and it is under no circumstances ok to ask me the cost. I would practically gag before asking someone the price of their clothes or accessories. And the lecture on overspending is again totally uncalled for. Include in it the inability to understand the quirky fashion sense and cracking of lame jokes at its expense. Like calling the awesome evergreen high waist pants as maternity pants. The very in-season pleated skirt as childhood frock and dismissing the funky jewellery pieces as absurd. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but knowing when to shut up I feel is the ultimate sign of being wise.

I am also amazed at this another category of people – the ones who are a mixture of gossip mongers plus snoopers. They are an expert at twisting the information they know, spreading it like wild fire around them and not caring a bit about the consequences it has on the people involved.Such people usually have a very orthodox thinking and mind you they can be found everywhere. Small town, big town does not matter. If they see you with a person of opposite sex, they will garner all sorts of rubbish in their minds. They will add more spice into the story and start the character assassination. But the thing that bothers me the most is the behaviour they display in front of you. They don’t say what they know directly, instead they give you a look which says they know it all. They whisper things in their comrades’ ears and laugh their hearts out thinking people are oblivious to their stupid private jokes. Little do they realize that it jeopardizes the simple harmless totally unromantic relationship between two individuals. It’s the presence of such people that make it difficult for guys and girls to be friends. And that’s also the reason why I sometimes crave for a gay guy friend. Who I can have fun without bothering about any bullshit people talk about.

There are all these people and then there is Kamal Khan! Have you guys ever had a chance to read his tweets? They are hilarious. Period. But they also signify a streak of something. I really don’t know how to point a finger at it or what to call it, maybe immaturity but it’s eloquent. We all have self-esteem, his happens to be twice the distance from earth to moon. But sadly for him the measure of his stupidity is four times more. I am ok with the fact that he considers himself to be so awesome, we all can put up with delusions. But his overtly derogatory remarks about others is totally unacceptable especially since he himself is such a loser.

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 Finally I want to understand why there is a ban on the documentary of Nirbhaya. We all know what happened, we all have read about the contents of the video on various news feeds. What is the point of banning something that raises awareness? And why is Mr PM not intervening, he talks about making India a powerful nation. Is this a powerful nation? Which cannot handle a documentary that is based on nothing but the truth.

Knowing the fact that even after indulging in such a grueling crime the rapist has no regret what so ever makes us girls even more cautious. Now we know that there are some men out there who are even worse than animals.

P.S I just re read the post and I guess I am just going through the phase where you hate everyone around you. That is the only reason I can have to pick a bone with so many people. And on a different note – how awesome is team India performing in the world cup. So Cool



  1. You must have been majorly pissed and it is. I had a friend like that and was compelled to call him off. It's so irritating digging deep and dirt. I dunno what to tell them..ur jaanam kundli flat mate is a case study and of course KRK is the height of stupidity. I am at a loss of words when I meet them..i get all furious n get so awkward.

  2. Who I am hates who I have been.

    If it treated thou the way thou treated it. Thou shall hate it.

  3. ye sab kabhi kabhi bahut frustrating lagta hai. jitne bhi baatein aapne kahi hai lagbhag sab se sahmat hoon!