Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 Type of Girls We All Have Met

 After a very overwhelming response to the guys post, a similar post on girls was promised (and requested). All this time I had been formulating the post in my head, very confused on the number of categories to be included. Since I did not want to go beyond 10 it was hard narrowing down, plus many seemed to be kinda overlapping. So finally after much deliberation and way too much analysis the post is ready. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I present you a dissection of the fairer sex.

1. The Drama Queen

Alia Bhatt in Student of the Year (Photo Courtesy - tajveez.com)
The name explains it all. This girl has a knack of highlighting a simple mosquito bite into something that can be potentially life-threatening. Though everyone close to her knows her tactics, she still manages to invoke sympathy and well, a lot of attention. Especially from the opposite sex. One of my cousins used to be a huge drama queen when we were kids. She saw ghosts, fainted, got diseases whose symptoms were only visible to her. Her tactics for attention exasperated me from the very start and throughout my life, I have tried to stay as far as possible from the DQs. DQs are generally insecure in nature and that is what drive them to various new attention seeking tactics.

That said, it is my personal belief that there is a hidden drama queen inside every girl. While some make it a way of life, others (like me) unleash it at the right time in the right situation. The art of drama is crucial for every girl, it is one of those things that we can display when a situation demands and get away with aplomb. One the best things about being a girl is to be all girly and reap the benefits ~ like pretend to get dizzy in crowded bus to score a seat. Or use PMS as an excuse to take a day off from work. Or harmless flirting with the shopkeeper for making him agree to your bargain price. Before you start to get all judgmental, let me tell you – with all that we have to put up with on a daily basis, the lewd gestures, the dirty stares, and “accidental” hand brushings. We deserve to use our gender in a way to reap some harmless little benefits.

2. The IT Girl

Blair Warldorf of Gossip Girl (Picture Courtesy - pinterest.com)
This is the girl surrounded by her admirers that follow her around just about everywhere. This girl is rich, spoilt, proud, has an enviable wardrobe and the handsomest boy as her boyfriend. Her life seems perfect but in reality it’s far from it. Her constant struggle to remain popular is taxing. Add to that the pressure of looking like million bucks always. And she has no close friends. Girls are jealous of her and guys are intimidated by her. Everyone around her is just for the sake of popularly and her social status.

Having spent my school years in a girl’s school, I have literally grown up surrounded by IT girls. It starts with one senior girl who all the girls look up to. She is pretty and looks fabulous even in the school uniform. While we are still busy figuring out puberty issues, she has had changed two boyfriends already. To come up in the radar of becoming an IT girl, you would have to mingle with the queen or have some sort of an ego clash with her. And of course fight for the spot within your batch mates. I will always regret not being an IT girl all through my school life. But I will try my best to make my daughter into one. Just kidding. Actually no, not kidding pretty serious!

3. The Guy’s Girl

Genelia in Jaane tu (Photo Courtesy - pixsharks.com)
She is the tomboy. The girl who you sometimes forget is actually a girl. She drinks with you, is your shopping buddy, beats you at various games and makes fun of all the girls you hit on. She fights with you all the time but loves you fiercely. Usually she is the only girl in your group of guys but that hardly matters because she comes without the fuss and hassles guys usually associate with a girl. She swears without batting an eyelid and gives two hoots about what society thinks.Hanging out with her is just is just like a breath of fresh air.

These types of girls are usually the danger zone of getting friend-zoned.

4. The Sweet Talker/Gold digger

Keeping up with Kim Kardasian (Photo Courtesy - foxnews.com)
This one is a cunning fox. She takes her time in getting to know you, your likes and dislikes. She acts in a way you like. Praises you, cooks for you and does everything possible to make you fall in love with her. And then she subtly tries to influence you to give her gifts. Sending you pictures of things she likes. Before you know it you are doing her shopping and paying her bills. You won’t even seem to mind it because in your eyes she is oh-so-perfect. Your friends will try to put some sense into you but you will pay no heed. She has that bedazzling effect on you. In case you do come to your senses she will make sure to extract every last bit of benefits from you, ever heard of a hard duty divorce alimony?

5. The Crazy one

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl (Photo Courtesy - cineticstudios.com)
Have you seen Gone Girl? If yes then that’s the kinda girl we are talking about here. If you haven’t seen the movie, then please do watch it. They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If you by any chance mess with this girl, she is going to make you pay. Big time. She will leave no stone unturned to make your life hell. She with her group of comrades will sit together over martinis, carefully plotted each and every detail of how to ruin your life. Depending on the type of unjust you have done to her, it takes just about some nano seconds for a perfectly normal girl to transform into that crazy bitch. I have indulged in some minor scheming of my own. Read more about that here.

6. The Tattletale

Kareena in Jab We Met (Photo Courtesy - bigindianpicture.com)
This one just goes on and on and on. She will tell you about her day, in minutest details including how many trips she took to the washroom to pee. She will also keep you updated on all the latest happenings in her friends’ life. She will bitch about the girl she hates. Tell you who is going out with who. Also tell you the secret her BFF swore not to tell anyone. Though she shares everything with you, there is an equal chance that she bitches about you the moment she is with her friends.
It’s a little hard to trust this girl and also somewhat hard on your ears.

7. The Mysterious One

Robin in How I Met Your Mother (Picture Courtesy - barbarashdwallpapers.com)
Everything about this girl is perfect. The way she talks, the way she dresses, her smile, her hair…it’s all so dreamy. You fall heads over heels for this girl. Everything thing seems perfect until to realize that there is only a fraction of her that you know. She is fiercely independent and always in control. Bills to movies she handles and is capable of watching them alone. Although she is extremely fun to hang out with, she will never make you feel needed. There is this shield around her which if difficult to break. She doesn’t like to talk much about herself but is a patient listener. Takes time to open up but once she does never break her trust. Because trust issues is the reason behind that strong walnut shell she has around her.

This girl is usually artistic in nature, she paints or writes or engages in some creativity. It takes a little work to be in a relationship with this girl. Poke and nudge her about her behaviour and she will cut you out of her life. She can’t handle drama, especially when she is already burdened by it from her girlfriends.

8. The Marriage Material

Daina Penty in Cocktail (Photo Courtesy - apnatimepass.com)
She is the kind of girl raised by Alok Nath. Everything about her screams sanskari. She dresses appropriately, talks with just the right amount of shyness. Cooks delicious food and has that distinct mother hen feeling associated with her. She does not experiment with drinks or talk with guys or lie to her parents. Whatever she lacks in the crazy/adventurous quotient she more than makes up for it in the taking care department. She has the 2Cs and 2Ps of the one – Commitment, Communication, Persistence and Passion.
You are one lucky man if you manage to get this girl. Agreed she is a little boring but she is a gem. She deserves a guy who treats her the best and thanks his luck every day for getting her. And if you mess with this type of girl, ditch her or have an affair behind her back..well then you will just rot and burn in hell. Because this girl prays and keeps various fasts, hurting her will invoke wrath of numerous gods on you.

9. The Innocent One

Amrita Puri in Aisha (Picture Courtesy - blogbestwallpapers.com)
Ever since I have seen this episode of HIMYM (Season6 E15) guest starring Katy Perry, it has given a new dimension to the word innocent. Check out some of the quotes from the episode and decide for yourself. “My apartment building is so safe. My landlord even installed a security camera in my shower”.” Maybe I should feel weird about giving a stranger my Social Security Number, but the guy's a Nigerian prince!
Hilarious as it may sound the truth is, some girls are innocent. They believe all the shit some stupid skunk tells them just to get into their pants. They have a childlike innocence and a tendency to tear up at slightest provocation. A lot of guys are really crazy about these girls because you are guaranteed to have a lot of firsts with this girl.

10. The Damsel in distress

Katrina in Bang Bang (Photo Courtesy - pinkvilla.com)
 Just like Rapunzel, this princess needs to be rescued from the metaphorical tower. Your number will be on her speed dial and she will call you nonstop. You will have to pick her up from places, carry around her shopping bags, and beat the hell out of guys that are apparently stalking her. She is beautiful which just flocks guys around her. Generally she is also a little clumsy, which means she will forget her phone, drop her things, fall down frequently and do a lot of other careless stuff.
She is the girl for you, if you like playing the dad.

Well, that's all we have. Hope you enjoy it as much as you did the other one. Leave your feedback in comments.