Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Random Musings

Tell me about yourself? That’s one question that drives me crazy. Not that this post is going to help me answer this question. But yea, the different traits of my personality never fail to amaze me. It takes more than just hobbies and career to define us. Little things we love, the way emotions like anger and jealously affects us. These and numerous other things define the person we are. Though one cannot go on explaining these traits, it is still good to know them about you. I just happened to do the same and have listed some random traits and fact about me.

1. I am the revenge taking type. If someone just playfully hits or nudges me, I get back with a kung-fu action. This has caused a lot of wrath from people nearby.

2. I also maintain a highly efficient and fast processing database inside my brain. It comes in handy during a fight or argument when I do a fast query and come back with the data of how 4 years back the person had done something that can now be used against them

3. I sulk. A lot. Sometimes for no apparent reason.

4. I am obsessed with things old and antique. Retro lamps, grandfathers’ clock, Victorian furniture, smell of old books, radio, gramophone, chunky telephones, vintage cars… The list is endless.

5. I am a quintessential90s girl. 90s music on my phone – Check. 90s shows on my laptop – Check. 90s style staples in my closet – Check. Scrunchies in my hair – Check. Stack of unused junk jewellery eating a huge chunk of space in my cupboard – Check. Slam book – Check. Huge crush on Milind Soman – Check. You get the drift? That’s just how 90s I am.

6. I am sarcastic. Sometimes. Most of the times. Whenever the situation demands.

7. I am an intriguing mixture of creative and lazy.

8. I love the silence and magic of late nights – a perfect creative canvas for me. But dare to wake me early and I will bite your head off.

9. I love DIY projects. Revamping old shoes, painting, earing holders, decoration from old sarees. Bring it on! Earing holder from twigs is in my current lust list!

10. I mentally stab and kill the person who criticises my cooking

11. I am obsessed with even numbered lists. 3s 7s 11s 13s give me restlessness.

12. I get super-duper jealous when someone praises a girl for her good dressing sense, time management, looks, cooking or anything else in front of me.

13. I organize my entire week’s clothes in my mind and also keep next day’s clothes ironed and ready for that extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning.

14. Closing with the embarrassing one. I am obsessed with watching re-runs of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Rendezvous with Simi Grewal, Hip Hip Hurray, Kahin na Kahin toh hoga. Guilty pleasure – reminds me of old school days.

When I started I had just about 2 or 3 things to write about. But then as I started, I couldn’t stop - so many things started to crop up in my mind. Must say try it sometime!



  1. Kuch is tarah ki baatein hain jo mere saath bhi...sochta hoon ki main bhi ek post mein likhun. soon maybe :)

  2. Nice to read 14 random things about you Sneha!!

    I've read this post last time I visited your blog coupla weeks ago but didn't know what to comment - to be honest, the first 3 points scared me away!! But from point 4 to 14, they are all interesting and made me smile reading them!! :)

    Enjoy all the things you love and do everything that makes you happy!!! :)

    Take care :)

  3. Aha! SEPO! Great to know so much about you, though the 90s songs is not a secret, loove them too:)

  4. Aha! SEPO! Great to know so much about you, though the 90s songs is not a secret, loove them too:)