Friday, January 16, 2015


In my previous post I spoke at length about getting old. Noticing changes in lifestyle and preferences. Of being only a segment of who you once used to be. All the thoughts I had put into the post plus the reactions and comments the post garnered, made me want to revisit the person I was. Back in college – the carefree me! And getting unexpected phones calls from old college friends only strengthened by resolve to open up the Pandora box full of college memories. Every semester, event and celebration carefully saved alphabetically.

It was a difficult task selecting a few from a huge collection. But sharing a few special ones:

One of my favourite picture of the three of us, taken at our favourite eatery – Smokin Joe’s. L-R Eku, Vandy,Me
In the college canteen, while making assignments. L-R Eku, Me, Pooja, Ekta, Reeti, Shivani
We were pretty big on hairbands, which I still wear. I guess somethings don’t change. I now agree with my roommate when she says “Adults are just kids, with money!”

We were also big on buying identical clothes. Notice the same green ganji 

That’s taken at one of the most famous garden of our college. Popularly known as the…wait for it –LOVERS Garden. I say one-of-the because our college was full of gardens. Lots of places to hang out at after bunking classes.

A picnic of sorts

With seniors, after an event – Eccentronics. I really don’t understand the cause of our super excitement in the pic. The Guys, L-R Harminder, Anupam, Rajesh, Sourav

Newly opened Dominoes was frequently visited in the last two years of engineering. The guys, L-R Sushil, Sumit, Sanjeev, Govind, Aman

Group Discussion I had participated in. The picture was clicked at the only time I opened by mouth and that too to blabber something totally unrelated to the topic.I am first one from right.

Me under my favourite tree in the college:-)

Nope not on a trek here. Believe it or not this was actually a shortcut for going to our canteen.

Oh decorating my assignments. This was a running joke in my class – That Sneha applies lipstick and nail polish on her assignments as well ;)

Again with the same tshirts.

This was an industrial visit. All I remember from this is the different poses we made for the shutterbugs. Standing, L-R – Yogeshwar, Cheena, Manan, Prerna, vandy, me, Reeti, Ankush. Siting, L-R – Shafali, Pooja, Himanshu.

One of my most loved picture. I just love the way I am holding Vandy’s arm.

With Blog-Dost Geetanjali. BTW I was shocked to see the number of pictures taken in Dominoes. No wonder I can’t stand domino’s pizza anymore.

Yep. Haircuts were immaculately captured as well. And that Man is the best hair dresser. Ever. Enough said.

No words for this one. I am just gonna stare and express utter shock and disbelief at my frame

Poser Girls. Eku and Me were colour coordinated on most days and it was never coincidence. Every morning we used to call each other and decide what to wear. Yes that’s the truth.

The fake happiness is so visible on my face. The guys – Raghav and Nakul.

Another one I love. Taken at our bus stop.

Circle of hands.

Love the burst of colours in this one!

Rameez & Adarsh. Courtesy these two, I have had my one and only free meal in a restaurant. No there was no offer. We just left the place without paying the bill and no one caught us. Thank heavens.

The one with my favourite shoes. Silver ballerinas. Love! The Girls – Suchika, Vandy and Pallavi

Of accessories and more!

This was/is/will always remain my favourite place for Momos. It was called Momo hut and was pretty much our home for the 4 years. The mutton momos here were out of this world…so yum.

When we bunked sessional exam to go to a movie – Housefull. The girl and guy in the left are married. To each other. How cool is that!

I have worn this white shirt way too much back then!

Working on the project. Circuits, Etching, drilling, soldering …

Our college was in outskirts so spotting them was pretty common. Lovely no?

At Vaishno Devi. Jai Mata Di

The one with identical bracelets

This was science day or something. There was a dress-code of black and white to be followed. That explains the monotone of colours in the picture,.

Last working day of college.

This picture is extremely special because its taken with the guys who graced us with their presence only one or twice per semester.

This is vikhram bhaiya ka dhabba our chill out place in front of the college. Best nan with rajma and chatni have been had here

This was taken on the day of campus drive for capgemini and both of failed to clear it :)
Does the post remind you of your own college days? If yes do share your memories....



  1. Good old memories...and beautifully captured by you.

    1. I miss sitting at back benches with you and your stupid jokes.

  2. I cnt stop noticing that hw much I hv changed since then n so is our lives....miss those days..miss u too honey...n well done for this awesome post

    1. I miss you too!! Just can't wait to meet you in Feb....

  3. good old gold memories..never loose it :)

  4. College days are the most memorable days of life that makes priceless memories. Awesome pics and u look so cute in all of them:)

  5. how pictures can capture moments of life and events. It is these that remain with us till the end. we may not be able to connect with our buddies on a daily basis.. such a bouquet of memories will only bring a big smile..

    only a maniac would access my mails and delete all my memories .. cheers to you for reminding !!

  6. Wonderful post, as pictures speak louder than words, every photo you've shared here has got a story to tell!! :) Reminded me of my college days as well, I can relate to the surroundings as our college was located on the outskirts of the city and had lots of gardens or I'd rather call it a mini-forest around!!! We used to bunk classes, sit in the canteen, go to movies from half day or trek the nearby hills, it was all great fun!! :)

    Had a laugh reading the comment you made about the group discussion photo and your assignments look immaculate, my assignments used to be like sheets from a scribbling pad!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers!! :)

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