Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Signs You Are Getting Old

1. When you ditch street shopping for shoes & clothes because of the sheer amount of energy involved in travel, search, bargaining and dodging off noisy college girls. Plus buying cheap stuff (like shoes) which would later involve huge repairing costs just does not seem to be a great plan anymore. You would rather spend your time peacefully shopping at a branded shop in a mall (once you have managed to get rid of the sales-people, that is!). This marks as your transformation from the street-smart-bohemian to what my roommate calls the Brand-Bitch.

2. When instead of checking out dudes on bike, you critique their reckless driving and comment on how they have no regards for their own or other people’s lives. Then you continue to speak on how these days’ parents are spoiling their kids with excessive indulgences. And then you gulp because you realize that you sound just like your Mom.

3. When your prefer to spend your New Year dining at a cosy, intimate, elegant and highly overpriced eatery rather than in the crowded, hip, loud-music-playing, beer tower serving lounges. The loud music noise they play gives you jitters and the frequenters of such places – the racoon eyed, crop top wearing tweens make you highly uncomfortable.

4. When you give-up exciting night-outs “experimenting” with stuff and prefer to have an all-night-long date with your beloved collection of movies, TV series and various sitcoms.

5. When various takeaway boxes in your house give way to healthy food like dry fruits, oats and fresh fruits.

6. When you start to wash your clothes daily instead of waiting for the weekend. The days of no-underpants-to-wear-because-all-are-in-laundry-bag are ancient history now.

7. When you live right opposite to a flat full of bachelor boys and yet there is no flirting happening.

8. When getting crushes on debutante celebrities is a passé because most of them are now almost your age or younger. Similarly unlike before now you just don’t go about watching every movie that sees light of the day. You catch up on the ones that garner rave reviews at multiple film festivals. Also
latest songs are rarely on your playlist unless really popular.

9. When you choose comfort over style by ditching the pair of your sexy stilettos for block or kitten heel pumps.

10. When terms like recurring deposit, mutual funds, LIC, PPF start to make sense.

There is no defined threshold after which you can confidently say that – yes, I am grown up now. It is always with some instance or memories that you suddenly realize that there is a part of you which have been left behind….



  1. Soooo true! Every single point!

    1. I guess we are in the same ship then. I mean age wise :)

  2. I was nodding my way through your post :)

    "It is always with some instance or memories that you suddenly realize that there is a part of you which have been left behind…. " ah the epiphanies! :)

    1. I am so glad you could relate to the post S..

  3. one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages..

    1. Indeed! Which stage are you on? The first?

  4. Hey Sneha, good post but you are too young to use the phrase, "getting old", I'd call it as "turning a mature person" or maybe as you said in the end, "grown up" - you've drawn wisdom out of your experiences(good and bad) and now able to positively decide on what's right for you and what's not - meaning what exactly makes you happy!

    You are one of my best friends on blogger and I am always grateful for all the wonderful comments you write on my posts, so I take this opportunity to go into the detail of this post and share exactly how I felt about each point you wrote as I read through this post:

    1. Yes, you wanna enjoy stress-free shopping and not worry about bargaining anymore!

    2. You understand the danger of carelessness - it is always better to be safe than sorry! I guess we all fail to realise that during teenage!

    3. C'mon, stop sounding like my granny on this point. There are some dance clubs which play quality music and are not too loud/noisy. Because you lead a busy life you tend to prefer a nice, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to sit down and eat. But trust me, during a vacation with friends, join the dance floor where some really good music is being played and when everyone around you starts dancing, you automatically join in and you enjoy it - the child in you comes out and you dance like crazy - that is pure bliss - girl, you are way too young to drop that off your list!!!

    4. As variety is the spice of life - I guess you'd enjoy doing both of those you mentioned. Yes, on a cold winter night, crawl under the blanket and watch movies with your boyfriend. Whereas on a hot summer evening, you'd love an exciting night out with your boyfriend and you'd love getting some fresh air outdoors rather than staying quiet indoors!!

    5. That's a positive healthy sign, but don't forget to pamper yourself once in a month or once in a coupla months with some delicious takeaways as well - stick to the routine of a strict healthy diet from your 50th birthday, at the moment you are not even half that age, so don't worry about it at all - just take it easy and pamper your tastebuds - with a variety of combinations - bit healthy+bit tasty!! ;)

    6. I have no idea how it's like to wash clothes daily, cause I wash every Saturday morning as my weekdays are very hectic - but if you have the time and patience - then why not, yes, cleanliness is next to Godliness, so that's a good habit. And by the way, just because I wash only on weekends, doesn't mean I search for underpants in my laundry bag, nah! I've got a dozen of them, so I can go without washing at least for a week! :)

    7. Are you kidding me? You speak about something that is completely against nature's law. If you are honest to yourself, you do know that you look pretty and any guy of your age group would like to admire the beauty of your eyes or smile - so, I won't believe if you say nobody even tried to flirt. Now stop sounding like a granny/mum and just enjoy the attention you get from your next door young neighbours ;)

    8. Again, I would say that you are busy with job all the week, so it's quite normal among all office-goers to be choosy about the films they watch. Try taking one month off - trust me, you'll end up watching all the films released in that month - not just Hindi/English but in every language that can possibly make a little sense to you!!

    9. Try putting them both side-by-side, I bet you'd be tempted to choose the stiletto heel!! ;) That temptation shows that your never too old to wear or choose them ;)

    10. Yes, that's the sign of maturity and growing up - planning ahead for the future.

    Well, all that I said above is just my opinion, but just to do whatever you feel like and just don't give a **** to what other's think - it's your life, enjoy it the way you wish!!! :)

    Best wishes always,
    Take Care and have a great weekend!! :)

    1. Loved your analysis on each point :-)
      I do tend to exaggerate on a few points while writing. I have the child steak in me kept alive

  5. It happens with time, a sign of maturity. Just yesterday was invited to a friend's two year budday. There was an after budday booze party where someone would drop me home around 11 p.m when I decided by then, I'll feel tired..made an early exit to sleep for a while and read.
    Think I'll borrow a leaf from u and write a brand new post:)

    1. Go ahead, borrow the entire tree not such a leaf ;)