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Featured - CALMARE

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Over the last 5 years, the world has been drastically changed by the phenomena of online shopping. Though initially not that popular, it is now a majorly thriving business. The surge in the number of websites dedicated to online shopping just proves that point. From movie tickets to pen drives, mobile phones to lingerie, clothes to jewellery everything is at your doorstep with just a click of few buttons. Hell, even fresh fruits and vegetables can be ordered online! One can easily assume that amongst the urban population online shopping is hugely popular. And the big offers the websites keep announcing just keeps the customers glued.

Browsing through various shopping websites is one of my favorite pastimes and that’s exactly how I stumbled across CALMARE – our featured start-up for today. Calmare offers a wide variety of options for all you fashionista’s out there – Ethnic wear, western wear, winter wear, jewellery and accessories. Some of the merchandize is specially designed and some is purchased directly from factories. It will take you less than 5 minutes to get hooked to the fantastic yet affordable collection they offer. It’s been almost a year since then and in this tenure, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Team Calmare multiple times. The product quality, delivery, follow-up and everything is conducted in a well arranged and professional manner.

We had a chat with Alisha Resutra, the brain behind the whole idea. Beautiful and charming Alisha is from Jammu, J&K. She holds a masters’ degree, works in IT sector and simultaneously nurtures her dream of being a creative entrepreneur. Read on to know more about her dream.

Conceptualization of Idea
Calmare was a dream for a very long time. It is a result of desire to design and sell. I had been working on the idea for years and then it just took a moment to finalize. It was easy because it was my father’s birthday and that’s when I decided to launch it. It was just all about bringing out the latest in fashion around your body and it hit a chord with women around the world.

Personal Style & 5 top picks from her wardrobe
I am someone who would not run for brands and just go with what suits me. My all-time favorites are sheath silhouette, a blend of contemporary and traditional. I also particularly like to work with shades of gold and oranges.
The 5 things she absolutely loves in her wardrobe are:
1. Red stilettos
2. Blue and silver mesh A-line gown
3. Gold stitched saree with gota work
4. Mauve sweater
5. Gold danglers

Envision for future
Well, we have grown in the last two years. I still remember there was a time when we would get one order in ten days. Yes, that was a time too. And today we’re doing much better. We don’t even get to know how the day ends with us taking new demands for customers, taking their orders and sending them. The big catalyst for us was that we were bringing really unique designs. Facebook helped us have a free and global opportunity to find a tribe, to find a community of women that’s niche. We also started the hash tagging system. Essentially, hash tagging a product on Instagram or Facebook, and then we’d pull it in and populate it underneath the product.
5 years from now, Calmare would be a dream come true. I see it growing at a good pace. Certainly, we would be happy seeing ourselves do good things for our customers. Calmare would be in about every 10th woman’s wardrobe in times to come.

Do check out Calmare’s official page on facebook.


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  1. Very Inspiring post!!! We all have dreams but taking the pain to turn them into reality is the ultimate challenge!!! And Alisha is a good example of how to make a start and progress step-by-step towards success!! :)

    I've checked Calmare's page through your post and it has such wide reach with so many followers already, I wish the team all the very best!!! :)

    Cheers!! :)