Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not Proud To Be An Indian Today

They say a severe storm comes after a long period of calmness. This has exactly been the case in our country for the crimes related to women. Whenever I open up the newspaper, I am able to spot at least one crime against women without any fail. It may range from eve teasing to assault or rape but it's present. Its position in the newspaper may range from first page to maybe somewhere in between but it's present. The place of the crime may vary from cities to small towns but it's present.

The people I guess (including women) have got used to the occurrence of such crimes. Just like we have accepted other issues like price inflation "chalta hai" attitude. It kills me to write a sentence like this but sadly it is the truth. I will talk about myself and say that yea these crimes have failed to irk me in the last 6 months.The only reason for this can be indifference. The indifference crops up from the repetition of such crimes at an alarming speed and not just in Delhi now.

The latest amongst the lot, rape of a girl in a private bus has awakened everybody from there hiatus. I mean this is so much in your face. How can anybody have the audacity to commit a crime of this nature? They obviously don't have any respect for women, but do they have no fear of law? Even after 60 year of Independence and all the glorious work that our country has been doing, this is where we stand. I am sorry to state this but I am highly ashamed and petrified of staying in a country like this.

What kind of an example are we setting? What message is it giving to all the women and there worried parents? Who are these people committing these crimes? Are they unemployed and frustrated? Does that really matter? Why is every criminal given an excuse of being unemployed? Does unemployment automatically give you an excuse of going berserk.If the state of things remains the same, that day will not be far when girls will be forced to stay home and we will be back from where we started.

Every time such a crime takes place, the coming weeks will all packed up with the story splashed on media and print. Celebrities and politicians condemning the act. But after a few days everything dies out and is replaced by something else. Why do we need such crimes to keep happening for us to react. What are measures we have in place to curb them? Or how informed are the women. If you ask me I am clueless of what I should do if God forbidding I ever find myself in this position. I do know there is an emergency number 100 but what that does or does anyone even attend to it, I don't know. I have no toll-free numbers and I don't even know the nearest police station or it's number. You may have already guessed, but yea I don't carry any weapon or spray.

These are all the loopholes. I am sure I am not alone here, we all think that this is something that will never happen to us. But the recent acceleration in crimes have different stories to tell. Your security guard, public transport, cabs, hell not even your own home is a safe place. It is good to be cautious and always on your toes.

My sincere request to all the ladies, be equipped and safe. Avoid being alone late and it hurts to say but yes dress modestly. Keep in mind the kind of place and the company you have. Most importantly trust your instincts. Complain and raise a hue and cry even if you only sense something is wrong. Don't wait for the disaster to happen. My request to all the guys out there, please make sure you take care of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Walk them home or drop them off or whatever it takes to make sure the safety. Do your bit, it helps.

P.S I was suffering from what is popularly known as writer's block along with a severe bout of laziness. I was unsure of how and when I was going to write again, if at all. But thankfully I am back and man, this feels good. Someone rightly said that A pen is mightier than sword. I feel I have already won half the battle.

Take Care Everyone