Saturday, November 21, 2020

Throwback Post - For the Love of Red

This post was first published on the blog sometime in 2011 or maybe 2012. I had recently been bitten by the fashion blogger bug, and spent a lot of my energy in designing various looks around a single piece of clothing. At this point of time my blogging and blog were quite a hush hush affair, with only my closest friends knowing of its existence. As luck would have it, my tryst with fashion blogging somehow coincided with my darling sister somehow stumbling upon my blog. Fiery phone calls followed and I was strictly told to take down a number of posts and also the blog. Though I put my foot down for the blog I did take down the so called fashion posts. I wasn't too happy with the meddling back then, but in retrospect I am quite glad it happened. In my sister's defence the post she first saw was "5 ways to style a boyfriend (oversized) shirt" and most of the looks consisted of ahem just the shirt and a belt.

Anyhow, now that throwbacks are such a thing with pictures I thought why not do a throwback post. I had hard deleted the other ones but I couldnt for some reason delete this particular one where I styled my red pants multiple ways. So enjoy my old narratives and mediocre pictures.
Here goes:

Red they say is the color of power but for me it is a color that shouts out FUN! I remember the day I bought myself the Red Pants. We were out shopping for a friend and I spotted them staring at me from a basket. They were on SALE in Westside and the price at which they were available was totally unbelievable. So I took a chance and tried them on, it was that OMG moment when you realize that finally these pants fit and how! They were perfect in every way - price, style, size so there was no reason for not buying them. So I took another chance and bought the Red Pants.

They sat in my cupboard for a considerable period of time but the moment I wore them for the first time, there was no looking back. I fell in love with them and the addiction is such that every time I go off to shopping I make sure that all the Tees that I buy match with my Red Pants. So all the latest shopping material is Red Pant compatible. My love for this look with Red Pant is so dire that I decided to dedicate a post to it. I guess this would be my first post in the genre of Fashion Blogging!

I apologize in advance for the image quality, yes it is that bad ....

This pic is special because it is from the first time I ever wore the Pants.
This is with black with the famous matching of Belt and shoes.
Isn't it adorable the way my pants and couch match!

This is the same white and red combination worn with different shoes and hair !

This is my favorite look, as it contains two of my current favorite things: the pants and the bag. Isn't it an absolute arm/eye candy?
Well, that's all I have for now. But I can assure that there is more to come!

Would appreciate more ideas from your side as well :)



  1. Nice post :) your love for red pants is well expressed, you give the reader a reason to smile by explaining the details as to how you came across it, what made you buy it, etc :)

    All the photos are good, you need not apologise for the image quality, you are indeed a perfectionist lol :)

    Red may be for power, but I think it even symbolises blood, that means energy, enthusiasm, confidence, etc Yeah! enjoy wearing whatever you love, its your life, live it your way!!

    Have a great weekend, cheers! :)

  2. They look good! And you're right - they go with everything you're wearing :D Great sense of fashion, girl!

    I have tried so, so hard to find pants other than jeans that would fit me, would look good, AND would be comfortable, and I've still not found them yet! I'm on a desperate lookout 'cause, girl, I get tired of wearing jeans all the time. I've thought of buying red pants (not that ever came across any my size) but didn't think I could make them go with any of my shirts. I guess I was wrong :D

  3. Awesome lady. I like how you have worn them in so many ways! You make me proud ;)

    ∞ © ∞

  4. I wear blue jeans and T shirts. 5 different colors of T shirts, just to near match with wife's dress.

  5. is maamle mein idea main de hi nahi sakta kuch..bas yahi kahunga ki aap har tasveer mein behad khoobsurat lag rahi hain!!

  6. wat a good girl u r..wishes always

  7. Not to take away from your awesome red pants which I love, BUT I own that black shirt n love it! Red and black - classic.

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