Sunday, May 6, 2012

Movie Review – Jannat 2

I was definitely not looking forward for this movie. In fact I was not even aware that it is going to release this weekend.  So in short Jannat 2 just happened and it was not that bad an experience. The movie is nowhere in continuation with its Part first but yes the story in somewhat similar. Small town guy with an uncanny talent, a love story, his contact with influential people which ultimately leads to his downfall.

The movie starts on a very good note with SD KKC (Sonu Delhi Kutti Kamini Cheez aka Emraan Hashmi) giving intro to the nature of his job. Emraan’s character is affable and endearing. Randeep Hooda plays a cop who wants to eradicate the supply of illegal arms. He is back after Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster with a superb piece of role and acting. His brooding past makes him protective of his informer/friend Emraan and his girlfriend Jhanvi (Eesha). Eesha ups the glamour quotient of the movie but she needs many classes in acting. The love story between the lead pair is extremely boring and predictable. There is no spark and no chemistry whatsoever.

The villain of the movie is menacing and good for his part. The guy who plays Emraan’s childhood friend is good too. The best of the movie according to me was Randeep Hooda. He is awesome throughout the movie. The movie captures the essence of Delhi to the fullest. The men in the movie have more expletives to utter than the dialogues! So be really for a lot of gallis throughout the movie. Some dialogues (especially Emraan’s and Randeep’s) are whistle-worthy. Music of the movie is hummable and decent. The movie overall is good and definitely worth a watch.
My rating – 3/5


  1. I like Emraan haasmi movies...And will surely watch jannat2.. :)

  2. good u enjoyed watching..have fun buddy:)

  3. Nice review :) glad you enjoyed the movie, will defo watch it soon!! :)