Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vada-Pav: The Poor Man's Burger

Mumbai is synonymous with Vada Pav. Its importance here is less as a snack and more like a delicacy. People here swear by the Vada Pav. It is easily available in every nook and corner of the city. It is not an unusual site to spot people parking their Mercedes and BMWs to enjoy Vada Pav's and chai on the roadside stall. It is poor man’s paradise as well. Priced at a meagre 6 rupees, it is an easily affordable meal for the hand to mouth people.

 I had heard a lot about Vada Pav via TV, friends, movies etc before coming to Mumbai. So I was really excited about trying Vada Pav when I first came to Mumbai. And then one fine day I tasted it. I know a lot of people will hate me for this but I did not find anything special about the Vada Pav. I mean I am definitely not saying it was bad but yea I have had better things. So this whole hullabaloo about the Vada Pav seems a tad bit overrated to me.

I have seen people crave and die for Vada Pav and the whole madness just escapes me. I mean isn’t it just potato in the bread? Maybe this is something I will never manage to understand. Meanwhile day by day I cross paths with at least one person who is mad over Vada Pav’s. Someone who can eat one Vada Pav for breakfast and two each for lunch and dinner. Continuously day by day! Sheer madness I tell you...!
I dedicate this post to all the Vada Pav fans out there!