Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Cooking Escapades - Part 2

Well, contrary to what you think, I do not only write movie reviews! My last two posts have been of movie reviews and I was desperately trying and thinking hard of blogging about something totally different and distinct. So here I am with a post about something that is the third best thing I love doing ~ Cooking!

If you have been following my blog for long you will be aware that my food related posts are not-so-visually-appealing, because of the not-so-good camera and not-so-good utensils and not-so-pretty backgrounds. Well, in a PG with 7 different types of girls, what else would you expect? Anyhow moving on...

Those are mixed veges, please don't miss the endearing and alike shapes of the potatoes and beans :)

This is my favorite egg curry, boiling away to glory (in my tummy)!

A close-up of the mouth watering egg curry!

That would be masala aaloo baingan ( Spicy Potatoes and Brinjal)

Yep, thats Chicken! Very very yummy it was...

My mouth just filled up with a lot of saliva after looking at this pic!

That was an experiment which was very successful! Presenting  Spinach  Corn  Potato salad!

Kashmiri Spinach with dried red chillies

Thats aaloo baingan chowka, I learned to make from my Orissi Roomie

Sweet Corn :)

Vegetable Pulav ~ The rice is hidden behind all the vegetables !

Good old vegetable maggie with my Mom's homemade carrot pickle!

Mixed Vegetables cooked today , I mean like just now!

The close of the just now cooked vegetables :)

I know the post sounded a bit too narcissistic but I feel really happy when I cook. And I feel all the more happy and excited when I see pics of my cooking results. So please don't mind the over-enthusiasm reflected in each caption!

Lots of Love:


  1. even I love to cook but I always forget to take pics :) :)

  2. बाप रे बाप, आप खाने के लिये बस एक बार बुला लीजिये..

  3. Wah! Wah!! kya baat hain, aap Chef bangayi! :)

    All the dishes look delicious, especially the egg curry looks mouth watering!! :) Enjoy your cooking and pamper your stomach with delicious healthy food, good luck with new cooking experiments!! :)

    Cheers Sai :)

  4. just pics????
    also write how did u prepare those delicacies???
    ur trade secrets!!!

  5. The vegetarian maggie with pickle, koshur palak and egg curry look good.