Friday, August 5, 2011

The Besharmi Morcha


A lot has been said and done about the slut comment made by the Toronto cop. Little did he know that his one seemingly innocent comment would attract such a strong reaction from women across the globe! After the much talked about (and more captured!) Slut Walk, it seemed like women have put across their views to all the men out there!

 I never thought that something of similar lines would ever be replicated in India, that too in Delhi! But it happened and how!! There was a lot of debate during, before and after the event regarding its use, impact, relevance and so on. Some said it is necessary to put across our point while others found it of no use.

What I feel is that even though the idea is very good, the time is not right. The slogans are good and true but the people they are intended for, will definitely fail to understand them. The average Indian male will still rape you with his eyes if not otherwise. For them all these movements, rallies and words like women empowerment means nothing but zilch! They will still ogle.Period. Irrespective of what you wear. This has nothing to do with you dressing up like a slut! how can someone even think of this as an argument when every other day you see in the newspapers women as young as 3,4 years and as old as 70 years getting raped.

Crime against women has nothing to do with the kind of dress we wear. It concerns and involves the sick mentality of the person committing the crime. Its high time people understand this.The irony is that no one will ever point a finger or even discuss about the sick men in question. But everyone will be ready to victimize the victim(women).It should be like DON'T RAPE and not DON'T GET RAPED

While searching for pictures on net, I had a quick recall of a particular picture I have, which is somewhat similar to the situation being discussed.

The beautiful girl you see in the picture is, well me! :P The guy encircled is well, a guy and he is proving it by the kind of look his ivin me. I have always taken this pic as a joke (it never fails to crack me up) but its a true reflection and example of whatever-you-may-wish to-call it!

p.s heard something of similar nature (the slut march) is going to happen in Mumbai as well! Lets wait and watch whether Mumbai scores over Delhi or not!

pps I am not a man-hater, I know there are sensible and caring men out there as well :)


  1. what my dear friend sneha says can never be wrong...that said..i was wondering yar..the pic above..the guy looking at u..sure it is wrong..but I think no man likes to turn his face away if a pretty lady come across..only hypocrites will lie..looking is different from acting roguish...or any such nonsense..sorry if i am wrong..

  2. चलिए इसी बहाने आपने अपनी तारीफ़ तो कर दी :)
    बहुत अच्छा लिखा है, सही लिखा है!!

  3. मेरे रीडर पे आपके ब्लॉग का नया पोस्ट का अपडेट नहीं आ रहा है..अपना फीड सेटिंग चेक कर लीजिए...वो तो युहीं आज आपके ब्लॉग पर लोगिन किया तो देखा की पोस्ट आया हुआ है आपका.

  4. Hey Sneha
    I'm happyy u said ur not a u for dat:) well I think the Besharmi morcha has its importance and tell those ogly men to stop.Yeah I know its difficult to change overnight the narrow mindedness of sum guys as dis picture suggest:)
    Still. I support the SLUT WALK.

  5. haha..always nice to hear fm u my dear friend...thanks...

  6. i had a look at the last pic of yours again..tht fool is really og..bahhh:) i understand.. u r right...

  7. i personally do not think slut walks are going to change the hypocrites who gets angry when some one looks at their girlfriend, but finds it amusing to look at others...and ppl who thinks a girl's dress determines her character are sick...even they won't change...

    but just looking isn't the problem...many ppl fall in love like that (luv at first sight)'s when it crosses the line that is the problem...

    great post...

  8. Appreciate all your comments and views :-)

  9. you better tell your indian people to stop these western-style protests for public consumption. Nirmal babaji ki jai!