Sunday, July 24, 2011

Awkward Moments – Part 2

This post is written in continuation of Awkward Moments –Part 1, which had been written both for fun and self satisfaction. Towards the end of the post I’d promised to bring out many such awkward and embarrassing (well and funny!) stories of me. But due to circumstances, I was unable to do so. Today just after waking up I had a flashback of that post and suddenly my fingers started to itch to write something of similar tunes. So here I am to present yet another awkward moment from the chapters of my life...

This one dates back to my school days. I think I was either in class 9th or class 10th. We had extra classes or final exams (I don’t remember exactly) because we (me and my friend) were travelling in a local bus. The seats of the bus in question were shaped like a horse-shoe magnet.

Yes. Exactly like the picture above. Me and my friend were sitting on the parallel seats right opposite each other just where it starts to curve.  There was also a gentleman sitting on the middle of curved seat (like the head of the family!). At one point of time, the seat next to my friend got vacant, she signalled me to join her and I got up to do the same. The moment I got up, the bus took an ugly turn and I ended up falling in the lap of Mr Gentleman (yes, yes the same head of the family man!). 

My friend (May she rot in hell) started laughing her lungs out while I turned into various different shades of pink. In between her laughs, curious glances and apparent discomfort of Mr Gentleman I lost control over my limbs. My legs, arms, feet everything refused to oblige and I kept sitting on gentleman’s lap for a good 5 or 7 minutes.  

 Finally I did manage to sit on the seat. Silently giving my friend hard cold stares and cursing her in every language I knew. Needless to say, after that incident I was always extra cautious of my sitting/standing habits in local buses.

Well, that’s all for now! Toodles till my next awkward escapade!


  1. HeeHeee :).. next part please..

  2. Given that there is no mention of the gentleman elsewhere, is it safe to assume that the gentleman was really a gentleman who did nothing but smile, not even try to help you out. :P
    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. haha ya next part soon buddy:)

  4. sneha ji..thanks yar...u should have joined us for lunch...would have smiled moree:)

  5. Hello Sepo,

    I think I am for the first time in your blog..though u r well familiar to me through ur friend Vandy...

    and was it her who was with you during the bus travel?

    Oh 7 minutes in a gentleman's lap, I hope if he was young enough, he wud have taken it as an excuse to propose u..;)

    Convey my regards to vandy..:)

  6. And one more thing. The header image of this blog is an excellent one..

  7. हा हा हा :) :)
    अभी लगे लगे दोनों पोस्ट पढ़ डाला...पुरानी वाली दोबारा :)
    अब सही में मुझे भी अपने ऐसे पल ब्लॉग में बांटने को दिल कर रहा है :) देखता हूँ किसी दिन लिखता हूँ :)

    आप जल्दी से तीसरा पार्ट भी लिखिए...

  8. By God
    dis must be d hell of an embarrasing moment. Then as u luk over it m sure u must be laughing:)