Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Anna Hazare Saga...

The 12 day fast has finally been rewarded and taken into consideration. The whole issue was no less than a drama or lets say a typical hindi movie scenario complete with very heroic hero, the baddie villains, lot of songs (in this case mostly patriotic) and a heart churning/nail biting climax!

During the whole thing, a lot of people were in limelight for reasons both good and bad. I decided to dedicate this post to the few people whose role I liked/disliked during the whole movement. Now this list of mine will not include the main propagators because they were universal heros, like Mr Anna Hazara (well, obviously, duh) , Kiran Bedi , Arvind Kejriwal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others! 

Without any furthur ado let me introduce you to my list of Famous and Not-So-Famous people!

The Awardees!!

1.       Arnab Goswami:

I really really loved his coverage through out the whole episode. His debates , his dialogues and his overall behavior, everything reflected that how deeply he was attached to the cause. He was on-air most of the time during the whole movement, at times I thought he was giving Anna some company by staying on-air most of the time and skipping meals!! I always had this great admiration for Mr Goswami , but after this whole Anna thing, I must say the respect thing has doubled up!!

2.       Lalu Yadav:

Don't miss hair on ears!! **oo it rhymes**
       One very funny thing that I observed was that even after Anna’s victory everyone was heard asking “Did you listen to Lalu’s speech ?” And was it a speech or what ?! Wow. Lalu’s inevitable humour was quite evidently the star of the show!!

3.       Varun Gandhi:

Finally in news again and this time not for wrong reasons. I really liked Varun’s speech. It was apt, smart and very mature!

The not-so-famous ones!!!

4.       Rahul Gandhi:

He may be cute and all with those (super-cute!) dimples, but his speech and his suppository solution for corruption was well, quite blah!!

5.       Om Puri:

*Chuckles*. No really, what was he thinking or should I say drinking?!! *Some more chuckles*!!

Lastly I would like to say that I have a super soft corner for our PM Mr Manmohan Singh. A lot has been said about him. Many jokes made on him, many pics morphed with his face added. But what really happened to the man of such a great vision and caliber....  Sushma Swaraj (whose speech was also quite impressive, by the way!) in her speech said "waise he humare pradhan mantri bolte bahut kaam hai, jab vo bolte hai tab toh unki suno" ("As it is our prime minister speaks very less, now that he is saying something at least listen to that"). Just after she said this the camera rolled on to Mr Manmohan and the expression on his face melted my heart.
He is adorable. Period. I wish people would leave him alone!


  1. For me, it was the first and the last who'd make into the good list, for all the right reasons :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Really good observation. There was hardly any leeway left for taking diametric stances.

  3. Hey for me the real hero is the people of India and of course led by our present day Gandhian, Anna Hazare. Though I feel PM is quite weak. Thumbs up for Arnab Roy:)

  4. omg sneha...your political views...u make me proud of our friendship with all good posts..cheeers buddy

  5. hey when u reach dubai rest assured of yummy chocolates haha:)

  6. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    I know!! Arnab rocks, no?!

  7. @ Praveen ji
    True and thanks :-)

  8. BTW Sneha
    I loove the new look of the blog and tagline..Educate me on that 1..Mine lacks life..new to update the design:)

  9. I like your post, since it gives me an outlook of what I can't see from sitting this far away! :) ... I am glad you were following this whole phase with so much interest!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

    P.S. Thank you for coming out of the hiding ... but if memory serves me right you have left a comment in the past. I remember reading your screen name before! :)

  10. ha ha .. this one was hilarious !

  11. अच्छा ओब्जर्वेसन...मीने तो फेसबुक स्टेट्स लगाया ही था..की गज़ब का कवरेज किया है अर्नब गोस्वामी ने...मेरे पास टी.वी नहीं है तो नेट पे सिर्फ और सिर्फ टाईम्स नाऊ देख रहा था..:)

  12. @Vishal

    thanks! sure thing, ask me, i ll help you out

  13. @Tanvi

    thanks dear,

    And is that so, maybe, i actually don't remember I have been following err stalking out since quite long :P

  14. @ Abhi

    i know! arnab rocks! thanks :-)

  15. What are the Majbooriyan of our PM to bow such ways. We need PM like, a man with education of Manmohan Singh, Young around 50s like Rajiv Gandhi, Patriotic like Sushma Swaraj, Bebaak like Laloo, Courageuos like Bal Thakre and Modi. Rich like Scindias. Gentleman with mind and faith in India like Shahnawaz and Naqvi. Mast and fearless like Sidhu