Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Know Life Is hard When........

1. You no loner fit into 26 inch waist jeans.

I had made many plans for my first home coming after 6 months! One of them was cropping my favorite pair of 26 inch waist jeans into shorts, which would have been apt and proper for messy, wetly and very muddy Mumbai rains. But shockers of all shockers I no loner fit into my 26 Inch Jeans (*loud dramatic cries, with noisy sniffling in-between*).

Man!! This was very unexpected. I knew I have put on (a little?) weight but I had never in my wildest dreams thought that my beloved jeans will o waste. I mean I practically lived in those jeans.

If you don't fit into 26 inch jeans, its not a big deal! But if you do and then you don't, then its a different story altogether.....

(*those loud cries again and a long sigh*)!!!


  1. sneha...u will know about MIL only after marriage na..hahah..v will be der for yr wedding dancing..hahaa..

  2. LOL, I thought a new job sucks fat and health out of us, you seem to have grown comfortable with it. It suit's you I think. :P

    Well, better start running today if you want to slide back in the 'purani jeans' :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Hey Sneha
    Can't agree more wud u as I chid my angry stomach..ame thg happened with my green Pepe Jeans..This 1 was my prized possession and now I can't really fits in.It's a tragedy..sniff..snifff. emphatize wid u

  4. :( i hate this feeling! at times i do not understand how it works, i wore one jeans for seven years and it always used to fit me, while rest of the jeans were moody :| sigh, i think i threw that jeans out of disgust and i now i do not have a pair that would fit me any fucking day :|||| arrghh

  5. ahh haa... seems lyk smeone has lost the size zero mode... interesting..