Friday, July 8, 2011


I wore saree (first time) @ office on 05.07.2011.

When I got a slight inkling of the fact that my colleagues are planning to wear saree, I just jumped with joy! Not only that, I rushed at first opportunity to buy a saree for myself! gosh!! The experience was not at all good. Now don't get me wrong I lovvvve shopping and I was hoping that the whole saree buying experience would be very very enriching. But sadly it turned out to be totally the opposite.

It was so very difficult, I  have absolutely no idea and no experience when it comes to sarees! The whole thing just drained out every ounce of energy and excitement I had in me. Towards the end I was so fed up(and frustrated) that I was ready to pick up just about anything and everything. Thankfully I had a friend with me who helped me finalize.

 But a sigh of relief was the fact that everybody liked (some loved :)) the saree. I know you all are substantially curious now :P :D

here goes ....

The whole saree wearing experience was awesome. I could carry it off very well, that was because it was draped perfectly (not by me!)

I that I am a wee bit conscious and informed about sarees , so heres to many more sarees and pics :)he