Sunday, July 3, 2011

That One Friend....

In life one should have that one friend with whom you can share any of your deepest darkest secrets without having to worry about him/her being judgemental. A person you know will always be there for you come what may, a person who will choose to stand by you whatever the situation is! One with whom you can talk about anythin under the sky at any time you feel like.

Finding that friend is not at all easy. It takes years and years of trust to build a relation that will be something remotely similar to the scenario I mentioned above. A good friend is not the one who will blindly just support you in any endevour of yours. He/she will/should be ready with scissors to clip off your wings incase you are going for a wrong flight.
What made me write this post today was the fact that it suddenly just dawned upon me that I am one lucky  thing to have not 1 but 2 such friends (angels) around me. Protecting me and loving me unconditionally. Ignoring my mood swings and silly tactics. Bearing with my stubborn silences and rude responses. Just want to say that I love and miss you both. Thanks for being there always.

(from left) Me, Eksha, Vandana
Feels really good to know that I am not alone....


  1. n u have so many out here in blog world who luv u so much..cheersssss..

  2. Ah! a nice post which explains how important it is to have that one true friend whos always there to support us in need, pull us out of sorrow and share just everything!!

    Very well written, the pictures and photo blend right with the description! Such friends are blessing to life, we can never afford to lose them - they are valuable and so precious!!

    You are lucky to have got two such friends, continue staying in touch with them and may the bond of friendship strengthen further as each day passes!!

    Sai :)

  3. मित्र शब्द में एक सहारा दिखता है, एक शान्ति दिखती है, शुभकामनायें।

  4. Sweet. Hope your friends read this.

    P.S. You're cute. :)

  5. I'm still looking for that person who'd be ready to hear to the swears if I was woken up late night by their calls. :)

    Glad you have not one but two. And is she short or you two too tall? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

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  7. Fortunately, I "had" really really good friends..those guys were really nice people..but the only thing is, we lost touch once we took different paths..
    Keeping in touch is the "most" important thing...but in our day to day hectic life, it becomes difficult..
    Nice to see your good friends with you :)

  8. Lucky you :)
    And I am glad I know Vandana a bit too :D

  9. ok..! so this comment is from our (vandy n mine) side::
    aww....!! adorable dat ws..!! :)
    Thank u so much luv..!!
    Beep,tujhe isse achi pic nahi mili :/
    anyways,kuch aur bhi tha jo i wanted to tel u..! will tel u in person,in case i remember til den :P

  10. I too have a few friends like that... three friends, to be precise.. Their presence makes me feel lucky.. much luckier than a lot of people around.. I understand your take.. :)

  11. Hi SEPO
    Having such kinds of friends constitute our strength and it gives us such a Hi when such a friend calls us on the phone telling he or she hasn't listened to our voice for a long time. What a feeling. Such a friend called me on Tuesday night. I can't describe the feeling.
    I have quite a few friends like that.

    Truly yours

  12. Nobody is alone in this world. Nice read SEPO.

  13. on this day of friendship, this post of you is really very heart touching . keep it up. thanks


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