Thursday, July 14, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps - Indeed!

 Everyone knows about the blasts in Mumbai. News channels are full of the latest buzz about it. But there is something else that I want to share about the blasts. No I was not an eye-witness to any of the blasts nor was I anywhere in the vicinity of the blast site. But still there is something more important (I feel) that needs to be talked (discussed) about!

I had heard a lot about the spirit of Mumbaikars. Yesterday (and today) I got a chance to see and feel it. It made me very proud at that point to be a part of India. Tragedy strikes but people here know how to keep it aside, move forward and get on with life.Like nothing happened. Over the news when you see it, it such a big thing but here when you actually face the real scenario, you realize that this is something that is so awfully familiar to people here that they don't even waste a minute thinking or reacting over it. They brush it aside like any other event of a day.

It takes a lot of courage to develop an attitude like this one. To joke about an incident of this nature, some people might find it insensitive and even offensive but according to me  it just means that you have hardened and adapted yourself so well to the situation that it now fails to bother or impact you!

I salute the Never Say Die spirit of MUMBAI!!

p.s Moving ahead, the rains here are drivin me nuts. So heres a letter I wrote to the, well umm Rains!
Dear Rains,
You are awesome, but early morning struggle to reach office by crossing (smelly) puddles of water does not really count as a bright start to the morning. So I'd be highly obliged if u'd stop for a while hmm say 5 hrs (at a strech).
well thats all!
This seems to have worked. No seriously!!


  1. सह ले जाने में भी एक अलिखित शक्ति होती है, उसी का प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण हैं हम भारतवासी।

  2. यही स्पिरिट चाहिए,

  3. 1. Attack.
    2. News Coverage.
    3. Debate.
    4. Blame Game.
    5. False Promises
    6. Candle March.
    7. Forgotten.
    8. Back to 1.

  4. Here's another salute to the spirit of Mumbai.

    But then there are a few morons who'd toss it away so casually like it was nothing important.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. That's exactly what I would say to rain :)

    But, I would also add thanks to it as I got leave for 2 days because of rain ..yayyy! :)

  6. mmm...well i jus wana c u safe...dats it.... :)
    hope u r doin gr8.....luvya n missya twinny....!!

  7. There is a famous song of A.R.Rehman " Ma Tujhe Salaam" . I would rather rechristen it to " Mumbai tujhe salaam".
    To the spirit, heart and courage of Mumbai.

  8. Hey..SEPO..This what maximum city all about.It forms the strength of the people. I witnessed it first in 2005 and that's why our Mumnai has remained so resilient to terror. No terror atttack can break our undaunted spirit.On blast day, Mumbaikars will take the vehicles out and help transport people who are stuck.It's amazing:)