Saturday, October 9, 2010

I AIN'T DEAD.... PEOPLE........!!


Gawd I have missed this place and all you guys reading this (I don't care if you are a first timer here on this space, i still missed youuu...!). In case you have been wondering where darling sepo has vanished.......( I am actually hoping that, if not all, well most of you did wonder a teeny weeny bit about my absence...!).

To cut stort the story, I was out on a vacation to , well a lot of places (read: Andamans, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). And by the time i came back my lappy crashed. Hence the delay in this rendezvous. The problem now is that I am going off to delhi now. But once I come back, I promise I will bombard you all with posts and pics about my holiday....!

Till then stay cool and stay tuned : )
loads of lovve


  1. मैंने आपका पोस्ट परसों ही पढ़ लिया था, लेकिन कमेन्ट नहीं लिख पाया...जल्दी से आइये जी, मुझे तो पता ही नहीं था की आप इत्ते जगह से घूम के आ रही हैं...हम भी एक दो लिस्ट थमा देते आपको...लेते आती आप :) दोस्त पे इतना तो हक बनता ही है न :)

    और सही कहा, बहुत मिस किया आपको :)

    अब जल्दी जल्दी पोस्ट्स की झमाझम बरसात कर दीजिए :)

  2. thats a lot of roaming girl ! I hope you had loads of funn !

  3. and we missed you so much........!!!!!

  4. yup........!! we missed u loads.......!!

  5. hey snehaaaaaaaaaaaa nice to hear fm u as usual..thanks yar..take care n wishes:)

  6. hey buddy gr8 ya...u travelling all around..have a gr8 time and stay connected:)

  7. you were having fun :)

    That's what I was wondering ( Check my reply to your comment)