Saturday, October 9, 2010

I AIN'T DEAD.... PEOPLE........!!


Gawd I have missed this place and all you guys reading this (I don't care if you are a first timer here on this space, i still missed youuu...!). In case you have been wondering where darling sepo has vanished.......( I am actually hoping that, if not all, well most of you did wonder a teeny weeny bit about my absence...!).

To cut stort the story, I was out on a vacation to , well a lot of places (read: Andamans, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). And by the time i came back my lappy crashed. Hence the delay in this rendezvous. The problem now is that I am going off to delhi now. But once I come back, I promise I will bombard you all with posts and pics about my holiday....!

Till then stay cool and stay tuned : )
loads of lovve