Friday, April 2, 2010


Well my college is situated in a god forsaken place called KOTBHALWAL (or so I thought). Today I went on this beautiful long drive with two friends of mine. Actually, that one friend of mine recently bought a new car. So, he was to give us a ride since long but somehow a plan could never be formulated. But today FINALLY we got hold of him and he willingly/happily took us on this great ride.

Our college is basically located in the outskirts of Jammu city, which means a lot of open fields, mango trees, corn and wheat fields.... in short fields, fields and more fields. Also a lot of cows, ill-mannered people...umm well don’t want to get there. So beyond the college I had never really gone anywhere apart from maybe half a kilometre sometimes to get a matador (the matadors there are super crowded and you have to keep moving ahead to grab a spot to stand in those utterly smelly crowded and full of obnoxious people). There also a very famous jail out there, where the most notorious and hardened criminals and terrorists are held. As such it’s always at the centre of some or the other controversy.

Today on our long long drive we crossed all the boundaries and rode on the newly made beautiful road, surrounded by scenery on both the sides. Also a few gardens and a water body too....!! Well I desperately wanted to stop and get down, walk around a bit and off course take pictures (photographs are imperative to my existence as I keep mentioning). But no one allowed. Actually the roads were soo deserted, we were scared that anytime dacoits will somehow emerge from bushes and pounce on us. After going on, our friend suggested we go and check out GCET’s (a government engineering college) new campus @ chakbhalwal. So, after few more gardens, dairies, fields and broken roads we finally arrived at the destination. At that moment I was so happy with my college and its location. That college is totally cut-off from the whole city which was proved by the fact that there were no towers in our mobiles. The college too was deserted. I was wondering what it must seem like @ night. Hmmmm SCARY IS THE WORD....

Well nevertheless the campus (still under construction) was superb. Similar to the campus of SMVDU @ katra, Jammu. And FINALLY we got down, looked around a bit and most importantly took a few pics. Though I missed eku she couldn’t come for reasons I m not capable of explaining. And most importantly I came to know that KOT and BHALWAL are two different places. And my PRESTIGIOUS college is in the KOT part. And the KOT part is the most sophisticated amongst the kot, bhalwal and chakbhalwal.

So, overall had quite an adventurous day...!!


  1. Arre..the woods!!'s been 3 months since we've been to the new campus...n miss it now...badly!!!

  2. "dacoits will somehow emerge from bushes and pounce on us"

    Its no Chambal ;P.. its Chakhbalwal ! Daaku nai aayenge :)

  3. @ jaunty
    ya dear, i know ... my friends were telling me the same.

    @ dhruv

  4. स्नेहा जी, मेरा जो engineering कॉलेज था, वो भी बिलकुल वैसे ही जगह पे था जैसा आपने जिक्र किया है...और मैं उन दिनों को भुल नहीं सकता..शहर के बाहर कॉलेज था हमारा भी जहाँ मोबाइल में भी नेटवर्क नहीं आता था...वैसे तो मैं पूरी अपनी engineering के दिनों में मुस्किल से कुछ ही दिन कॉलेज गया था, कह लीजिये की औसतन 25% attendence रहती थी मेरी....;) पर कॉलेज जाने में बड़ा मजा आता था...

    आपके पोस्ट की तस्वीरों ने तो मुझे फिर से अपने पुराने कॉलेज के दिनों की यादें दिला दी...शायद १-२ दिन से यादों में जी रहा हूँ मैं और आज इनमे एक और याद आपने शुमार कर दी :) शुक्रिया :)

    सारे के सारे फोटो काफी लाजवाब हैं, आपने लिखा भी बहुत सुन्दर ढंग से है....हम सोच ही रहे थे की आपने बड़े दिन से ब्लॉग नहीं लिखा, लेकिन अंत में आपने खुशनुमा ढंग से धमाकेदार वापसी की है :) पे एक नया पोस्ट पढ़े..शायद आपको अच्छा लगे

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  6. @ abhi
    it feels so good that you read, comment and appreciate my posts everytime.
    thanx a lot friend :)

  7. hmmm
    it's really a joy ride & i enjoyed it alot

  8. my goodness ur college is in jammu, OH i envy, u can do lot of adventurous stuff out there :)

  9. awwww its been so long since i went to jammu:(
    u got back so many memories wid this post n the pixxx!!
    loved the post gal!:)