Friday, March 19, 2010


This post goes for all those who are/have been missing me from the blogging scene. To all the people who are missing my posts ( well, I am assuming, there will be some...!!)
Anyways the reason for my decayed frequency of posts is that my network connection is experiencing some serious troubles...!!

Poor me :(

As u all might know and understand that I am hugely addicted to blogging, and can hardly take this huge interval of time without posting or hell just checking my blog and of that of my blog-o-buddies....!! Have taking soo much trouble to get fleeting glimpses of my blog.... visiting friends, sharing passwords....!!And to add to my misery, there is no cyber cafe in my vicinity.... As if this was not enough, i have internal assessment exams or sessionals, as they are popularly known in this part of the country.....!!

* sigh*

So today I skipped my exams (hey.... not for using net....! not that addicted... *thank god for that*) actually the question paper was a hell of a s***. so i, actually we (which includes half of the class) stood up together in style and left the paper.....!!

So, that's how I got this much valued time to check and post. using the net @ college net lab. aaaahhh the bliss...!! Seriously, can't explain the bounty full happiness. I had though of writing a few lines, explaining my absence. But once I started I couldn't stop. gosh.... have got so much to write, that i can just go on and on.....

But taking into consideration the time constrain and the fact that my friend is waiting for me in the canteen, I am forcing myself to stop, however hard it maybe and however badly I may hate it....

So friends I say goodbye with the promise that I ll be back soon (like I said before, I am actually assuming that you guys are missing me :D :P )


  1. the baby is so cute


  2. cool,,,title should be post from net lab :P

  3. ha ha ha !! will be waiting for you....take care :)

  4. Heyyyy...that's cool! u are one helluva bunch of engineers!!
    Skipping sessionals!!
    Net from lab!!*chalo coll ka net put to some good use*

  5. guess this is the reason of your absence .....yea that's for sure that everyone is missing you....and plz net theek karao as soon as possible....

  6. thnx a lot guys....!!

    wil be bak soon :)

  7. yea....frnd waitin in canteen....
    visitin frndz place....
    sharing passwords...
    bt u forgot one thing...
    u even gv me ur posts in my cell(via bluetooth)to post dem in ur
    n is cho chweet....


  8. hmm the baby picture has an uncanny resemblance to your facebook pic... did you go through 1000s of baby pictures before you decided to pick this one ;)??

  9. @ eksha
    muuah, a friend in need is a friend indeed
    nd u afterall have a heart of gold..(wink)!!

  10. @ pan
    i took ur comment as a compliment...!!
    i likd the pic at the frst luk..!!