Sunday, March 21, 2010


Life is full of surprises. Peasant, unpleasant both. One you get used to the flow of it, it seems nothing but a cakewalk. But then what’s the fun in living a guarded life. What I mean is that, when you know what you have to do or are supposed to do... you surely, undoubtedly lead an organised life. But hell, you miss the fun filled element in your life. That rush or doing something out of the blue.... totally unexpectedly......!!

There are people with me in college, who come to college, attend all the lectures, jot down all the notes, go back home straight from college. They know they have to fight amongst the likes of them to reach the top position in the class. They have already decided what/ how their future will be. I am nowhere close to them. Believe it or not, I am still totally clueless about my future. What will I do, where will I go..? Will I manage to get a job...? Should I go for an MBA...? All these questions are still unanswered. When in my 12th standard I faced a similar situation. As to WHAT NEXT...? Now after 4 years of this wonderful journey I find myself at the same place from where I started. Someone rightly said “LIFE IS A CIRCLE”. There are moments when I get really worked up and tense thinking about my future. But for the most part, I remain blissfully unconcerned. I have no idea as to what my future will be, where or what I ll do. So, at this point of time I want to enjoy the few left moments of my student life.....

The feel of sitting in a classroom, texting in the classroom, eating the Tiffin in the classroom, fighting over seats, exchanging looks and smiles, the numerous plates of momo’s @ canteen, photography (which is imperative to my existence now)....! Want to enjoy the spontaneity of a moment. When suddenly a plan is made. Fights over the bigger slice of pizza, avoiding the bill, creating ruckus...!! I may not be sure about what my future is going to be like.... but I can guarantee that when I look back, thinking about this phase of my life, in my memories, in the huge huge collection of pics that I have..... I will smile, laugh and cry... all at the same time....!!

Now that I am about to complete this circle, I am apprehensive about the new beginning. Excited as well as intimidated. Just hoping that whatever it may be, it should at least be half as wonderful as my college days. Also, I get disturbed thinking about the fact, that who’s going to take care of me, with my friends no longer with me. It’s so hard to even imagine that after a few months, we will not be together. No more “kal kitne baje jaana hai...”? “Sorry I ll be late”..? “Let’s bunk”....!!

Well still there are some two, three months left comprising of- a major project, final exams and not to miss the sessionals (have one tomorrow). Thinking of living life as it comes, with great zeal and vigour. At the same time, keeping few shutters open for the making of decisions of the FUTURE.


p.s don't know when my net will work.... so when i got the chance to use net, i posted all that i had written in a few days...


  1. awwwwwwwwwww

    loved the post

    we are surely gonna miss these times

  2. like like it :)

    'whats the fun in guarded life' !

  3. hey
    rem the famous dialogue from RDB-"College gate ke es taraf hum life ko nachate hain, aur us taraf, life humko nachati hain"...indeed, college times are so wonderful..feel like going back to those days..:)