Sunday, March 21, 2010

LET ME BE “ME”..........!!!!

I want to know who I am. Sick and tired of all the pretence surrounding me. Pretentions of being good to others, when in reality you could happily shoot them. Smiling and saying fine thank you when actually you feel nothing close to being “fine”. You talk to me as if you adore me, when I know how much you hate me........

I just don’t care about pleasing peoplea round me anymore. I just want to be me. I want to laugh loudly when I feel like. I want to cry my heart out when I wish to. I want to whistle freely, when I am in a good mood (YUP...!! I can whistle). I want to stand up against all odds, when I feel that whatever is happening is not right, not just go with the flow, thinking “who cares... let it be”. I don’t want to be answerable to people who don’t matter to me, explaining my decisions and actions to people who otherwise don’t give a damn to what I do or say.....

I wish it was as easy to bring it into practice as it was to write it. However strong or determined you may be. There are always times when YOU HAVE TO bend. However you hate it, whatever you do, people will make you do what you don’t want to, and you won’t even realise it. You wouldn’t get the time to think about your actions, let alone the thought of thinking about the repercussions.

A teacher of mine once said......
“I really don’t care if you guys call me khaduus or strict behind my back, because that means I have done my job successfully. I have not bent on my set principles to make you people happy in the wrong way.....!!
I will never forget these lines and the teacher who said these lines. Really admire her.

Hats off to such people, who have the courage to “be different” and revolutionalise the society. Here’s hoping to find the real me soon enough, who’s hiding behind all the facade people want/ expect me to create in order to please them and live my live in accordance with their desires and wishes.....!!
Sorry folks but I want myself back.....!!

P.s I m still wondering “what have I written about”....!!
p.s posted from friend's place


  1. hmmmmmmmmm

    prblm with me

    n rofl


    i knw that teacher :P

  2. ayeeeeee tera attitude..!!! but its really niceee..keep it up..

  3. Let it roll.. unfold on itself.. u surely won't be happy when u know what's it all about !

  4. hmm...good this kind of bold attitude is an advantage..
    you know i faced so many problems in my college life as well as in my work only due to my much liberal kinda attitude..i wish i could have your attitude :)