Sunday, December 20, 2009

a lost connection

U helped me wen i was helpless and in deep trouble...din understand the world around me ws stil a child left out in the dark... i turned to u instinctively and u took me under ur lovin shadow..u gav me wt i asked for and made those around me happy...!!! the years 2005 n 2006 the tyme our bound grew..!! i gav u the place in my heart vich was found by none, which ws given to none , of vich i knew nothing until the tyme u cam to my rescue...!! though i m expected to respect u vich i do , whole of me u always were my frnd ...!! my frnd hu knew all abt me wid whom i talkd abt everything , the one i hd conversations with, who in his own special way guided me ...the bond ws of love , respect, trust and mostly mostly of FAITH n PATIENCE...
I remember and cherish the tyme wen i used to sit in frount of u nd sing lik a fool...!! and ofcourse the special tyme of prayer...wen i din let the fire die out..!! i was indeed a fool or js blindly trusted u..!!
Bt i din realise wen or how the thngs became jumbled , i got distracted by entering into a new world where everything suddenly was centred around me, i was the centre of attraction suddenly it ws all abt me. I nvr left u, nvr can bt somehow distances grew and used to reduce only during special tymes in 6 months...!! i hv no idea as to why i m riting all dis or whether dis is makin any sense bt ya u kno i m our child nd i kno u will always protect me , guide me and love me unconditionally as u always hav evn wen i ws in a trance...!!