Sunday, October 18, 2015

Guest Post - Finding love in a big city

The best thing about blogging for so many years is that you get to meet and develop strong bonding relationship with other fellow bloggers. A relation so good that you can ask them to write a blogspot for you and they do so without batting an eyelash. I am lucky to have one such fantastic friend, also known as Vishal Bheero. Vishal has composed a beautiful post about his romance with the city of dreams ~ Mumbai. Read on to know more about it....

Settling in a big city comes with its own perks and can be cumbersome as well as tiring the time we take to finally zero in. On one hand, we strive to be accepted and defined in the big city we longed to go and make dreams happen that gives us an identity and on the other hand, there is the struggling period where we try to make things work for us.

The whole process can take a toll on our lives as it comes as a culture shock. We long for love and having a partner, say in a place, like Mumbai where everything comes unlimited. It’s a city that has always fascinated me where I found love. I had a love-hate-love relationship with Mumbai that embraced me. It’s tough to make things work for us with tiring travel in locals, jostling among the crowd to get down and hunt for an apartment within the budget.

How do one finds love in Mumbai, a city that throws limitless sea of opportunity and kick us in the bum, at times? It’s a question that plagues me. Love is like sea and water, totally free and scarce at the same time. The truth is that we need a shoulder to rely on and someone we can share our life with, laughing at mundane matters, kissing or getting intimate. You would argue that it’s a very selfish outlook at life.

Life is how we paint it: Choosing to play the victim or harnessing something beautiful to make our tale of big city something we will always remember. Love is one aspect of life where we spend lovely moments together, watching movies, traveling in cabs or local trains and enjoying the sea breeze at Chowpatty or Bandra Bandstand.

It’s a very tricky question, to find love in a big city and I don’t mean wearing blinkers to spot the hottest babe or hunk in town. It’s love, it will happen, some will argue. It can happen in the coffee shop at Barrista, Starbucks or CCD. What better way to bond with someone over coffee and getting to know each other before you hit it off!! I think it’s something that works. You can bond over movies, literature, dance or arts. Sometimes, you spot someone and the bells in your heart signal that he or she is the one you would love to share memorable moments with. I always trust my instinct and saw some interesting people at Church-gate and Fort. Nothing happened since I didn’t take the plunge in striking a conversation. I feel that you should take chance for we can never know.

I found love in Mumbai quite strangely at the library where I was studying. Saw her beautifully dressed in black Salwar and there was something about her. It was just that!! How we hit it off together is just another story!! I am not spilling the beans. Having tea together at the tapdi, sitting together to study or walking all the way from Church-gate to Colaba, I knew she was the one. She became a huge pillar of support for me and love grew. I don’t think that I can ever love someone the way I did. It’s was weird and mysterious. But, it wasn’t meant to be.

It was my tale of finding love in a big city and she would always complete me as a person. So, the trick dudes and dudettes, is don’t freak out when you move to a big city. Love will happen to you. Star with casual dating and hanging at the cafe, college campus or wherever it pleases you-watching the sunrise or sunset at Marine Drive, any takers! I just love the place for it flirts with romance.

Enjoy every single moment in the big city for you can never know when things will come to an end and longing for that time to come back again. Like love, it doesn’t! Create new memories with new people and the only thing that remains is love.

Hope you all liked the post, thanks a ton to Vishal!