Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Things not to be done when with a Girl

The list has been concocted after years of disappointments and heartbreaks. Ok I am just kidding. I happened to start writing this post just for fun. I kept adding on points to it as and when I remembered (and observed and discussed with my girlfriends). Since then it has been sitting in my archives. I happened to re read it and decided to post it and give the guys another chance by reading and learning :P
So read on for the list of things that we girls hate and would never want in a guy we are thinking of dating/marrying
Check out other girls:
This without any doubt is the most disgraceful thing that a guy can do. Biggest faux pas ever. Even if you are not romantically involved with the girl, it is still not a good idea to check out others. It affects the self-esteem of the girl who are hang out with. We know that there are beautiful and hot girls out there and while it is Ok to ogle at them when you are alone or with friends, it is never a good idea to drop your jaw mid conversation and gawk at a hot girl passing by.
Let the girl pay:
While it totally Ok for the girl to pay if you are chuddie buddies or already in a relationship it is definitely not the very best idea if you are planning for any kind if long term relationship with the wgirl. If a girl offers to pay refuse politely and if she is adamant offer to split up the cost. But never ever shamelessly let the girl pay on your first date. It by no chance leaves a good impression and she is unlikely to forget it and think about you as a prospective boyfriend/husband material.
Stare at the wrong places:
Even if you feel she is not looking, she knows. Girls just instinctly know about stuff like this. So when she is talking to you, look into her eyes and dont let your eyes wander anywhere below that.
Take her to a sports bar and keep looking at the LCD:
Now there are places where you go out with your guy friends and have a blast. That does not necessarily mean that the venue will work on a date as well. Taking your girl to a sports bar and thinking you can get away with periodic glances towards the LCD, is not the greatest idea. It would be more like digging your own grave.
Bring along a friend:
She has agreed to meet you does not mean that she is ready to meet the buddies yet. Take time in getting to know her and give her the same opportunity before brining out friends from the closet.
Get Drunk:
Ones or two beers is fine but going overboard like there is no tomorrow is not. No ones likes to go out with an incoherent man who does not know his drinking limits. So drinking merrily on a date will bring nothing but embarrasment.
Pick up a fight:
Fights generally make any girl uncomfortable especially if they are totally uncalled for. So it would be a good idea to not fight with the waiter on how your drink is not cold enough and assault a random stranger because he happened to accidently touch the girl. Picking a fight for stupid, unwanted reasons will make you look more like a fool than being cool.
Keep talking about yourself
I hate people who can't stop talking about themselves and the fact that how cool they are. Talking endlessly about youself is definetly not a preequisite for forming a first impression. For any conversation to be successful there should be an active participation from both fronts. The stories of your drunken brawals and childhood pranks maybe be interesting for a while but when they go on and on, please note that I have lost interest and am probably thinking about ways to dodge meeting you the next time.
Bad vocabolary
For me a great conversationist is a huge turn-on. Bad english and wrong tenses make me cringe from inside. And I would always be mentally correcting the vocabolary, which would be the end of any prospective conversation I would ever have with that person.
Show up without bath
Emptiying the deo bottle before a date is not equilant to bath. We are not expecting expensive perfumes and fraganaces but yes basic grooming should be in place. I have seen guys with long dirty nails and chapped feet. No ones asking you to turn metrosexual but basic acts of cleaniness are a must. I would never be able to even talk to a guy who is dirty and unkept.
I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it.



  1. Lol. Put this together with my ten points (http://a-saltedpeanut.blogspot.in/2010/12/how-to-lose-girl-in-10-seconds.html) and we'll have a handy little "Dating for Dummies" ready! :)

  2. Well written Sneha, was fun to read :)

  3. show up without bath ... he he ..:p

  4. all this pre dating is rubbish.. all that a girl luks for is wealth, protection nd care frm a man..

  5. Lessons learned but you right..heheh. It's so true on more than one count:)

  6. ha ha :) :) guys can definately learn a lot from this post...

  7. Hey Blogger,

    I would like to discuss this on.....
    1) Check out other girls:
    A honest guy sometimes do so just to check what your reaction is.... just to know you better.... he will just play with you...he never meant to hurt you...
    yeah but girls need to identify between the prank and weirdness

    2) Let the girl pay:
    Guys do not consider you as a life partner on the first meet.....so its never in their mind about who shall pay... They are just being good friends...

    Yeah if you are on a date. You expect him to pay but by then the friendship is so deep that it hardly matters who pays.I guess girls should concentrate more on the quality time she spent on her date rather than who spents on the bill ;-)

    3,4,5,6,7 I second you....Its girl birth right expectation.

    9 & 10 were your personal views and decent expectations... and a funny one too :) :) :)

    8 Again your personal view....but just to politely defend that the guy will many a times talk about himself.
    There are two kinds of prospective daters
    1) He shows how cool he is, thats what you pointed at and he should be kicked off....I liked it. :) :)
    2) But the second perspecive to this is , the guy wants the lady of his heart to know about him. Very less guys will share their truth like this...so this is an opprotunity for you girls....grab it... learn about him more.... let him speak about himself.....he might want to share his entire life with you and secondly, i guess it would be a perfect combo if he is equally so very much interested in your small small things like even your teddy bear at home or the colour of your nails......

    P.S.: I made a mistake in spelling "opportunity" in the last point...Purposely dint rectified it...beacause I am not your prospective husband.... lolz lolz :) :P

    PPS: This comment is just for gags. No harsh feelings Sneha. You are a great writer and I look forward to read more on this blog.
    Hats off to one of the finest blog writer!!!!!

  8. Point noted ma'am...


  9. thse points are correct but most of the boys just dont bother, they end up making these mistakes and them blame the girl for being haughy.

  10. Awesome! Addd some more, it is a longggggggg list :D Nice though so the GUYS focus more on Im Prove Meant ;)