Sunday, February 5, 2012

The NO-Blackhead Syndrome

There is this feeling inside me, which sprouts up whenever I feel that something is not right. This feeling is usually followed by a deep restlessness and an itch to make that thing right and correct. This "thing" can be brought about due to a lot of reasons varying from cleanliness (a la Monica Geller from friends) to split-ends in my hair! Yes, I am that weird.

Now I can talk at lengths about split-ends, they just freak me out, whenever I spot one in my hair, I am immediately transformed into that state I mentioned above. I just have to get rid of it somehow, believe it or not when I was a student, while studying I had this very annoying habit of fiddling with my hair, the moment I spotted any split-ends, I would immediately get rid of it with the help of a scissor I always kept by my side. In case of absence of scissor in situations wherein say I am travelling etc, I have successfully used other instruments, namely my teeth! Yes, the condition is that serious.

This is actually nothing compared to what I experience when I spot a blackhead! I have forgotten the count of how many articles and books I have read which highlight  the fact that uprooting blackheads by squeezing them with nails is a practice that should be shunned. It is something that even the cave men and women never indulged in. I have also lost the count of how many times I promised myself that I will not torture my skin anymore. But Alas, all this is forgotten the moment I spot a black nasty blackhead. What's more embarrassingly serious about this blackhead thingy is that, it's not just about me. The restlessness to uproot the blackhead props up from any blackhead, by any I mean even those which are on someone else's body. Over the years I have brutally assaulted by sister's nose and also left a staring mark on it by regularly "cleansing" it. I have shamelessly offered this service to few friends, some colleagues and random acquaintances.

Recently while in a meeting in office, there was a client who was speaking at length about, well something! The reason I cannot remember anything from that meeting is that all my attention was on his neck which has a huge blackhead smirking directly at me. Taunting me. Making it hell difficult to concentrate on anything else. Trust me it took all of my will power and strength to sit still through the meeting and stay as far as possible from that client when the meeting was over.

It was then that I realized that just how serious it has become. It feels like I am a mad mad women on a outrage to change the world into a No-Blackhead world!


  1. Now that is definitely serious :) :)
    though I also cut up my split ends from time to time :)

  2. boy in stryped pyjamasFebruary 5, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    for the blackhead popping thing..same pinch ... welcum to the club..

  3. well that's inter..sumthg all human species experience..happens

  4. i had the same problem before now Alhamdulilah everything is fine
    awsome post you have very intresting blog
    follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  5. Love it all.

  6. sneha ji..i met anupam kher at his dubai book launch 2 days ago..and strangely i kept remembering u..:)sure u doing well buddy..keep the cheers

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  8. Was funny and a nice read :) the last para made me laugh, so you really are determined to change the world to a no-blackhead world!! lol :)