Monday, February 13, 2012

The All about ME Post

Copied this from Purvi’s blog! I have been excited to write this ever since I saw this on her blog. Finally today I got the energy and time to post it today! Read on to know more tit-bits about me!

·                     Age: 23 on 9th Feb
·                     Bed Size: 6*3 in which I struggle to keep myself and snowy the bear.
·                     Chores that you hate: Washing Clothes, Cleaning my wardrobe (overflowing with clothes) and packing (gosh, I hate packing, never able to make up my mind for anything and always forgetting something or the other)
·                      Dogs: Nope. Not for me.
·                     Essential start to your day: Funny as it may sound I usually wake up with an urgent need to attend the call of the nature, so that pretty much starts my day!
·                     Favourite Colour: I love bright colours. Reds, Hot pinks, Purples, Electric Blues. Oh yes, bring them on!
·                     Gold or Silver: Diamonds!!
·                     Height: 5 feet 4 inches
·                     Instruments that you play: None. And not liking it but doing nothing about it.
·                     Job Title: Assistant System Engineer
·                     Kids: None
·                     Live: Born in Kashmir, Live in Jammu, Current location is Mumbai.
·                     Music: Love it. Either listening or singing!
·                     Nicknames: Chunu, Sepo, Snehu and many more!
·                     Obsessive Compulsion: Sigh. Check this out!
·                     Pet peeves: These days there are a list of things that annoy me. So I will pass this one.
·                     Quote: "I will not exist, I will live" I often say this and I believe it :)
·                     Right or left Handed: Right Handed
·                     Siblings: A sister who is 7 years older to me and blessed with a 6 month old daughter.
·                     Travel Destinations: Current wish list includes- Goa, Kerala, Sikkim and Rajasthan. Long term plans are for places like – Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain, Mauritius and lots and lots of other places!
·                     Unacceptable: Injustice, Lies and backbiting
·                     Vegetable(s) you hate: After staying away from home, I eat more or less everything
·                     What makes you run late: The extra 5 minutes of sleep with somehow turns into hours
·                     X-Rays you have had: Chest, Spine and Shoulder
·                     Yummy food that you make: I am at a learning stage, but yes I will brag and say that whatever I make comes up tasty and good. Beginners’’ luck maybe?
·                     Zodiac: Aquarius.