Monday, February 13, 2012

The All about ME Post

Copied this from Purvi’s blog! I have been excited to write this ever since I saw this on her blog. Finally today I got the energy and time to post it today! Read on to know more tit-bits about me!

·                     Age: 23 on 9th Feb
·                     Bed Size: 6*3 in which I struggle to keep myself and snowy the bear.
·                     Chores that you hate: Washing Clothes, Cleaning my wardrobe (overflowing with clothes) and packing (gosh, I hate packing, never able to make up my mind for anything and always forgetting something or the other)
·                      Dogs: Nope. Not for me.
·                     Essential start to your day: Funny as it may sound I usually wake up with an urgent need to attend the call of the nature, so that pretty much starts my day!
·                     Favourite Colour: I love bright colours. Reds, Hot pinks, Purples, Electric Blues. Oh yes, bring them on!
·                     Gold or Silver: Diamonds!!
·                     Height: 5 feet 4 inches
·                     Instruments that you play: None. And not liking it but doing nothing about it.
·                     Job Title: Assistant System Engineer
·                     Kids: None
·                     Live: Born in Kashmir, Live in Jammu, Current location is Mumbai.
·                     Music: Love it. Either listening or singing!
·                     Nicknames: Chunu, Sepo, Snehu and many more!
·                     Obsessive Compulsion: Sigh. Check this out!
·                     Pet peeves: These days there are a list of things that annoy me. So I will pass this one.
·                     Quote: "I will not exist, I will live" I often say this and I believe it :)
·                     Right or left Handed: Right Handed
·                     Siblings: A sister who is 7 years older to me and blessed with a 6 month old daughter.
·                     Travel Destinations: Current wish list includes- Goa, Kerala, Sikkim and Rajasthan. Long term plans are for places like – Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain, Mauritius and lots and lots of other places!
·                     Unacceptable: Injustice, Lies and backbiting
·                     Vegetable(s) you hate: After staying away from home, I eat more or less everything
·                     What makes you run late: The extra 5 minutes of sleep with somehow turns into hours
·                     X-Rays you have had: Chest, Spine and Shoulder
·                     Yummy food that you make: I am at a learning stage, but yes I will brag and say that whatever I make comes up tasty and good. Beginners’’ luck maybe?
·                     Zodiac: Aquarius.


  1. Interesting!! nice way to share A to Z about you with friends!! :)

    Chunu is a cute nickname, who gave you that name? And yes, packing is a tiresome task and agree that being away from home makes you eat almost all the vegetables!! :)

    1. Thanks Sai. My father gave me this name.

  2. Nice one!
    haha.. when you stay away from home you tend to eat whatever you can find!

    1. Also.. loved your look on Tanvi's blog! Future fashion blogger? ;)

    2. Thanks Chandana..! Well i am tempted to try my hand at fashion blogging, you can spot a post or so sometime here! :)

  3. sooo nice..everytime i feel u r such a good person when i read yr posts..god bless u buddy..u deserve d best..

  4. You are awesome Chunu..
    It takes a lot hell of a time and thinking to write about yourself or even for someone else...
    Hope i'll do it for me someday.. by copying your blog.. ;)
    -- Maddy

  5. i think you should write more about yourself....i m much eager to know..

  6. It is such a brilliant idea to write about oneself and tell people who we are :) :)

  7. hey..
    liked ur blog instantly...
    u seem to be an interesting personality..
    great luck..

  8. waaah u gave me idea of another blog post :P
    u remember sneha, bahut pahle aapki ek post se inspired hokar maine bhi ek post likhi thi(shayd chineese tag)...ab ye bhi mere dimaag mein chipak gayi hai...kabhi is idea ko main bhi chura lunga :D