Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Happens In Vegas

Ok, so I watched this movie for the 5th, no wait, 8th, ahh lets just make it 10, shall we? So after watching this movie for the 10th time, I realized how much I love the movie. Whenever I watch this movie, I have a hard time deciding who looks hotter. Cameron Diaz? Ashton Kutcher? Both is actually quite an acceptable answer. Also Love the guys who play friends to the couple, the movie wouldn't have been the same without there presence.

Any movie which has Vegas as the backdrop is bound to be famous and entertaining, this one is no different. A typical my-kind-of-movie with just the right amount of everything! Romance-Check. Sentimental Stuff-Check. Comedy-Double Check!!! Hotness Quotient-Check.

Though I love the movie from start to end. There is this one scene where the guy asks the girl her happiest moment. She replies that once upon a time she was feeling a little adventurous so she just took a ferry from the city, went to this beautiful beach with a light house, where she just enjoyed watching the sunset and waves. A day without any concerns, responsibilities or tensions. I absolutely love this part of the movie, because it is so me!! This is really my idea of a perfect day out, a day with myself and the nature, with nothing to do apart from loving and admiring the beauty around you.
Don't know when I get an opportunity as great as this one!

Some memorable quotes from the movie:

Jack Fuller: Hey, don't get hit by a bus
[door slams behind Joy]
Jack Fuller: . Or do, whatever. 

Jack Fuller: Will to be married to me... again?
Joy McNally: [sighs] Being with you makes me be myself again so I will be married to you... again.
[they kiss]
Joy McNally: I quit my job.
Jack Fuller: Good thing we have a ton of money!

Hater: You should never let a chick get in your head; that's why I prefer not to even talk to my dates. 

Hater: You're falling for your wife! Idiot!

Jack Fuller: [before entering their first marital counseling session] You ready for this?
Joy McNally: Pretend that you don't make me vomit in my nose every time I look at you? Definitely.

On another note talking about Maggie, I have begun to love this maggie and egg combination. Don't know whether you are aware of it or not but this recipe is a sure shot winner for living-out-of-home people like me; Easy and quick and most importantly filling!!

This doesn't exactly qualify for great presentation, with that plastic maggie spoon, but well, nevertheless presenting egg waali maggie!

So what you need to do here is actually nothing! Just prepare maggie in your usual style, now there are sooo mannnyyyy ways to prepare good' old maggie, plain, masala, with tadka, with vegetables, with shreds of chicken/mutton, with kaasoori methi (my trademark style :P). So whatever may be your style start start with it, once you are about to finish (and water is about to dry up in the container), break one (or two) eggs into the container (yes, directly on the half cooked maggie) and mix properly and vigorously until the egg is cooked and an inseparable part of the maggie.You can serve in a plate or eat it directly off the container (like I do, don't frown please, it saves the number of utensils to wash!!) and you can garnish it with leftover chilly flakes and origano mixture from the pizza you ordered last weekend :P