Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diwali 2011

A very bright, colourful and festive greetings to you all!
Diwali is such a bright (and noisy!) festival. The lights, the beautifully colored flowers and sweets and ofcourse brightly dressed people!

The crowed markets, the long queues and longer traffic jams, all remind us that it is that part of the year again. This year like every other year I made a rangoli , however unlike other years, this year I am hugely disappointed in myself! But I could not refrain myself from adding a pic of it in my blog like every year. You can pretend to like it and appreciate it via comments, to make me feel better you know!!

The picture has been cropped so that it looks presentable, atleast!

Anyhow, moving ahead, wish you all a very very happy diwali. May it bring you a lot of success, happiness and prosperity!!
God bless.

Lots of love


  1. hey happy and safe diwali to you too :)

  2. Happy and safe diwali to you too! :) Your rangoli looks superb and am not saying it just to make u feel better! You should have posted the full pic too!

  3. I am an engineer by profession, an artist by nature and a self-proclaimed feminist.I love to find happiness in small things. I hate hypocrites.To sum up, I am simple,sensible, a bit idiotic,a complete foodie, hardcore perfectionist .. in nutshell a gem of a person

    Let this Gem sparkle brightest this Deewali.

  4. A very happy and safe diwali to you

  5. o y r u disappointed yarr... rangoli toh mast hai... i tried making one bt urs is betr ...huh huh.. njoyy..

  6. Hey Sneha,
    wish you a very Happy Diwali. What is important is the effort and love with which you made the Rangoli. The rest is immaterial. But I love it. Cheers!

  7. Happy Diwali to you ~~~ have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. Happy Diwali to you too SEPO. Never mind , you can always show your best next time.. although this one is not bad!!

  9. Nice rangoli... Hope u had an awesome Diwali..

    Did you burst crackers? :P

  10. Lovely! :) Hope you had a wonderful Diwali, Sneha. Keep smiling!

  11. शायद पिछले साल भी आपने ऐसा ही खूबसूरत रंगोली बनाया था..याद है मुझे(शायद)..

  12. Happy Diwali...
    Your pic is awesome and soooo cute... on FB and this profile both... ;)